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1095Fwd: Worst beurocratic-ese ever

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  • David Calkins - RSA
    Feb 1, 2003
      >From http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/ - Entry Flight Director Leroy Cain declared a contingency for the shuttle Columbia at around 8:14 central time this morning (1414 GMT) as the shuttle and its seven astronauts headed for a landing at the Kennedy Space Center.
      >Columbia fired its braking rockets at 7:16 this morning (1316 GMT) and entered the Earth�s atmosphere with all of its systems functioning normally for a landing at the Florida spaceport at 8:16 a.m.(1416 GMT).
      >But communications were lost with Columbia around 8 o�clock as the orbiter streaked over Texas.
      >NASA began to use all of its tracking facilities to look for Columbia, but communications were not restored by the time the shuttle had been scheduled to land.
      >Contingency procedures remain in effect and landing support officials are currently being dispatched near the Dallas-Fort Worth area to search for possible debris.

      -David Calkins, President
      Robotics Society of America

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