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109Annual Robot Games

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  • Joe Miller
    Jul 11, 2000
      A BIG reminder that our deadline to have details together for this year's games is Wednesday August 2nd. Hopefully within a week after this press releases could be sent and our website stuffed with content regarding this event. If we hold the games in early October that gives us and participants two months to prepare.
      The name of the event is The x Annual Robot Games, were x = the current successive year that we've held this event. Roger is going to find out what that is.
      Toni, Cliff mentioned that you were interested in doing logo design also for this years games. If true please ring in. Stan mentioned that he had an idea or two, perhaps you two can contact one another. As mentioned before my company, PNI, is going to donate T-shirts. We will get the front, and PNI wants the back for it's design. We can reuse the logo can be every year - right? Even on our website.
      Roger is going to provide Toni with press release resources.
      Roger is working on other sponsors including, Lego, Jameco, and those generous folks at the Robot Store. Other people were staring at each other as though they had some companies they could ask. Is that true? Any takers? Please feel free to volunteer yourself as a representative of SFRSA when asking businesses for sponsorship. Roger, will companies also get to place banner at the games?, what about our website in our events section.
      I am doing a Mini Sumo Robot workshop based on the Marvin slider. http://www.rdrop.com/users/marvin/omsi/sumo.htm
      The cost will be about $100. Everyone is welcome to attend the first meeting, the other meetings will be limited to those committed to building the Marvin Slider ($100 for the kit). Hopefully they will be on Sunday afternoons about 1PM. I will present details (and HTML for the website) before 8/2/00. Roger, could I get Larry's phone number so that I can get expedite meeting times for this activity?
      As announced at the meeting, the Lego games that we are hosting this year is going to be based on the three challenges of Lego Mission M007. See www.legomindstorms.com see their Grand Prix Mission (M007) to get an idea. I was thinking of holding a workshop for this. To help out novices and to encourage the timid, if enough are interested. I am not necessarily the best person either, surely there are those amongst us whom are better teachers than I.
      Anybody else want to champion a game? I guess the rope climb and general obstacle course is out unless someone steps up. Someone mentioned a that members of robohoo.com or yahoo clubs had a robot challenge. That somebody, sorry but I forgot his name, was that you Nathaniel? Anyway, he is going to make an effort to host that challenge in our games. Please ring in if you are still pursuing this.
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