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1032RSA - Meeting Reminder and Robot Games Stuff

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  • David Calkins - RSA
    Dec 2, 2002
      Robot Games:

      * Coming up in only TWO weeks. If you can't join us for the games, please consider mailing your robot to have it compete without you. We'd love to have a good showing of Sumos and Ants! So e-mail me if you'd like to make your robot truly autonomous for these games...

      * Still need some sponsors and prizes. Anyone who can donate anything (cash or prizes) will get printed credit and lot's of love.

      * Our mini-sumo builder has bowed out at the last minute for our rent-a-sumo project. I have 8 sumo bodies with servos and wheels attached. All they need is a chip and some wiring. Stamp and PIC gurus: A few hours of your time will make a lot of kids happy. e-mail me if you can donate a few nights - we also need the chips and boards, if anyone has some spares or would like to buy them.

      * Show Day volunteers - We need your help to make this event a success. I need people to run tables (admission table, registration, t-shirt sales, soda/hot dog sales, etc.) Please donate a few hours of your time - e-mail me with your availability or there will be a sign-up sheet at Wednesday's meeting.


      Wednesday's Meeting - This is our LAST meeting at the Exploratorium as they will no longer be open late on Wednesday nights beginning Jan 1, 2003 (it's nothing personal...) We'll be moving to SFSU in January. More details to come.

      Most of Wednesday's meeting will focus on the Robot Games, but I'd appreciate it if you could show up - also, anyone with a truck, we could use you Wed night to move the sumo ring (5.5 ft diameter) from the Ex.

      Wednesday, December 4th, at 7 PM - Exploratorium.

      See you then!

      -David Calkins, President
      Robotics Society of America

      Silicon shall replace Carbon.
      The revolution will be automated.