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Industry Update and Commentary 1Dec01

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  • Bill Koumarelos
    Northwest has added service between Detroit and Little Rock. [Strange that NW is expanding service while other carriers are cutting down]. US Airways is
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2001
      Northwest has added service between Detroit and Little Rock. [Strange that NW is expanding service while other carriers are cutting down].
      US Airways is expanding Caribbean service by adding a flight to Freeport, Bahamas from New York LGA.
      Mexicana has opened its new executive lounge at Mexico City. [So use your Red Carpet Club card!]
      Elsewhere in Mexico City, farmers armed with machetes have been protesting the start of work on the new airport, and have been attempting to chase off workers.

      LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- An American Airlines Airbus jetliner departing Lima, Peru, Wednesday evening experienced severe rudder problems during takeoff, forcing it to return to the airport, CNN learned Friday.

      The aircraft, an Airbus A300-600, is the same model aircraft as American Airlines Flight 587, which crashed in New York on November 12, killing all 260 people on the plane and five people on the ground in the Rockaway neighborhood of Queens.

      Investigators trying to determine the cause of that crash are looking at whether a structural defect in the Airbus' tail section -- which includes the rudder -- may have been a contributing factor.

      In Wednesday's incident in Peru, the pilots reported "fish tailing" soon after takeoff. An aviation source told CNN the aircraft experienced severe rudder fluctuations. A preliminary NTSB report said the plane landed safely and its flight recorders have been pulled for further investigation.

      CNN has previously reported on yet another incident involving an American Airlines Airbus A300-600. That plane, on a flight from Colombia to Miami, Florida in 1999, had to abort its final approach after the pilots experienced what they called severe rudder deflection problems.

      NTSB spokeswoman Lauren Peduzzi, reached late Friday, said she had no information on any incident in Peru and would not know anything until Monday.

      American Airlines told CNN the plane remains in Peru but the flight recorders have been sent to the NTSB in Washington. An airline spokesman said no previous problems with the jet had been reported.

      After the crash of Flight 587 the FAA ordered airlines flying the A300-600 to visually examine the tail sections for signs of possible stress cracks. But critics said that more sophisticated tests are needed to detect any problems with the vertical fin and rudder which, on the Airbus, are made of composite plastic materials and not metal.

      Axon Airlines has ceased operations, claiming a downturn of travel following the September 11th incidents. Axon was part of a multi-company consortum to bring Olympic Airways to the private sector. The other parties included Price-Waterhouse, Credit Suisse/First Boston, Cyprus Airways, and others. Hard to say how the OA privatization will go without Axon in the fold.

      [Hey, Axon, don't blame September 11th......you never had a really good or unique product to begin with. You have no different routes than what other carriers have offered. The prices aren't any better, and the seats on your planes are closer together than any other European carrier. No unique routes, no better prices, and "Economy Minus" seating. What the heck kind of airline is that? Axon, you have only yourselves to blame.]


      City-code of the day........DAC.....Dhaka, Bangladesh. A few decades ago, Pakistan was actually two land masses, separated by India. One of them then became a separate country, now known as Bangladesh. The city-code came ofrom the original spelling of the city, which was Dacca.

      George Harrison(1943-2001), who just passed away, was instrumental on getting the country started, by throwing the multi-star "Concert for Bangladesh" benefit.



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