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  • pat nolan
    A fellow CSR wrote this:Therese StaffordI just wrote to Jeff Smisek. Here s what I sent: Dear Jeff, Sometimes my blood boils and yesterday s misbegotten
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2012
      A fellow CSR wrote this:
      I just wrote to Jeff Smisek. Here's what I sent:
      Dear Jeff, Sometimes my blood boils and yesterday's misbegotten missive from Douglas McKern to Rich Delaney has me reaching for a thermometer.
      His patent distrust, if not contempt, for me and my coworkers is insulting.
      The CS workgroup has been charged with an undertaking worthy in scope and difficulty to be called "Heracles thirteenth labor." For Mr. McKern to insinuate or imply that we are collectively discussing or planning a "sick-out" or any other disruptive action is absolute drivel and his assertion that "threats and rumors" of our refusals to work with managers and training personnel is beyond belief. He suggests that IAM members would "slowdown" the operation deliberately and has asked Mr. Delaney to instruct us not to do so.
      The probable disruptions, confusion and the likely slow dispatch of flights and other services will be the result of the lack of adequate preparation and training, and not due to the conscious decisions of agents to make mischief.
      Jeff, I can not refute Mr. McKeen's allegations strongly enough. As a front line employee, let me assure you that, although I am but one voice, I speak for many across our system when I say that we will be "on deck" to face this challenge. Sincerely,
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