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Industry Update and Commentary 29Jun10

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  • Bill Koumarelos
    Luanda, Angola, is now the most priciest city for visitors, surpassing Tokyo. This is despite the fact that it s basically a poor country....but the oil
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2010
      Luanda, Angola, is now the most priciest city for visitors, surpassing Tokyo. This is despite the fact that it's basically a poor country....but the oil industry has made a minority of the individuals wealthy.
      Greece's air traffic controllers are currently on a one-day mini-strike. About 20% of the domestic flights have been cancelled. Ironically, some destinations where there are only one or two flights a day have cancelled, while some routes that are saturated(and have empty seats)are all operating. No noticeable effect on international trips.
      OIympic Air has changed its mind concerning service to the island of Ikaria. They were once the only service there, but dropped the route a few months back. They are now back in, but the re-introduction of the flight was marred by the ATC mini-strike.
      Antonov has been stacking up orders for planes, mostly from Middle Eastern and African countries. [Their planes are not up to the quality of Boeing/Airbus, etc.....BUT.......they have improved dramatically. And again, not to "beat a dead horse", but centralizing everything in Kiev has made the difference. In contrast, Boeing has been getting worse, with everything being spread around.......parts made in South Carolina, Japan, and Italy.....and why have the headquarters in CHICAGO?? It was better when everything was in Seattle. Antonov is the anti-Boeing, and can certainly show the folks here a lesson......]
      Airport locations in Ukraine have all been finally publically disclosed, long after the breakup of the USSR. The count is 62 total, in a country roughly the size of Texas. But not all are commercial passenger airports, however.
      Embraier is planning to sell bonds, so they can finance a plant in the USA. [But where??]
      Continental Airlines said it would take foreign exchange losses of about USD$10 million in the second quarter from the decline of the euro and the British pound against the US dollar. [This kind of goes against conventional wisdom and logic......shouldn't they be MAKING money with a stronger dollar??]
      Malaysian Airlines is still sticking with their orders, despite late deliveries.
      Korean Air now has all-cargo service between Seoul, and Lulea, Sweden.
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