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Industry Update and Commentary 3Dec09

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  • Bill Koumarelos
    A Zimbabwean-registered cargo plane crashed on take-off at a Shanghai airport Saturday, injuring four people on board, state media said. The cargo plane had
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      A Zimbabwean-registered cargo plane crashed on take-off at a Shanghai airport Saturday, injuring four people on board, state media said.

      The cargo plane had seven people on board and was registered in Zimbabwe, the Xinhua news agency said. The condition of the other three was unknown.

      Thick smoke rose above Pudong airport and firemen were at the scene, Xinhua said.

      The crash happened early in the morning as the plane was taking off. The plane skidded and set fire to a nearby storage facility, China's national broadcaster CCTV reported.

      Airport authorities declined to comment on the accident but said there were delays in flights leaving Shanghai.


      Hundreds of mourners gathered in the Comoros Sunday to lay to rest victims of the Yemenia airliner that crashed into the Indian Ocean in June.

      "After the burial, the national grieving can end," President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi told weeping relatives.

      Sambi said it had taken months to identify the 83 bodies recovered by search teams, with some corpses washing up hundreds of miles away on the Tanzanian coast.

      One girl survived out of the 153 people on board.

      The Yemenia Airbus A310-300 crashed as it attempted to land on the archipelago in bad weather. The cause of the crash is being studied by French accident investigators.


      The group of taxi companies, who have the bulk of Rome's airport taxi services, have banded together to improve their public image. As some of you know, Rome's cabbies have among the worst reputation, and want to have a comprehensive ban on any scams that the city's cabbies are known for.

      El-Al is mulling over plans to do some code-sharing with other carriers. It is expected that the Israel government will lift the ban on code-sharing soon. [Russia is the only other major country that has prohibitions on code-sharing.]

      Michael O'Leary expects to retire as chief executive of Irish airline Ryanair in two to three years' time, he said on Saturday. [Interesting that O'Leary takes a secondary airline, and turns it into a household name. But in recent years, he has also done some things that are not so nice....such as eliminating CS agents, and having onboard pay toilets. Whoever does take over, will certainly have their hands full.....and they will be stuck holding a bag full of problems, despite the fact the airline has had financial success.....but will the bottom drop out on Ryanair? Anyone remember People Express?? Looks like we have a repeat coming....] 

      Hellenic Imperial has finished refurbishing the second of the 747-200s they had sitting in Athens, and has now started service to Casablanca, Morocco.

      American the OneWorld alliance and is making a counter-move, and possibly involve a third party, in order to prevent Delta from bailing JAL out.

      Talks between SAS and its pilots' union have broken down, and now SAS is planning to furlough 100 pilots.

      Alaska may be charging less than UAL for bags in the lobby......but some of the AS agents have taken upon themselves to start charging $100 for bags at the gate. [I doubt that it is an official policy at AS, but the agents are getting fed up with the number of bags coming to the gate.]

      Although China Air has stopped passenger service into Seattle, they have increased the frequency of cargo service. [And just wondering....the flight used to continue onto Houston......are they still serving IAH at all??]

      Despite the economic downturn in the United Arab Emirates, things are still going as normal concerning Emirates' order from Airbus.








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