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Industry Update and Commentary 01Oct09

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  • Bill Koumarelos
    Air India s strike may be over, but now another airline s pilots are on strike---TAP Air Portugal. Singapore has now put another A-380 into the schedule
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      Air India's strike may be over, but now another airline's pilots are on strike---TAP Air Portugal.
      Singapore has now put another A-380 into the schedule rotation, this time on the Melbourne route.
      Swiss and Lufthansa is now allowing people to use miles to pay for "carbon offsets".
      Gulf Air is now adding service to Najjaf, Iraq. [Didn't know they had that many international airports in Iraq.....always thought only just Baghdad and Basra. But apparently Najaf, along with Erbil---which is served by Austrian--accepts international flights.]
      Finnair has added Delhi to its route structure.{Seems like the Finns are traveling more than most people lately, given the expansion that Finnair has in the Asia markets.]
      Delta has put a big block of stock up for sale, much like what UAL and American is doing.
      Delta adds Pittsburgh to Paris service.
      [Sounds a bit strange, as there is isn't much of a local market for Paris in PIT, per se. But keep in mind that PIT has a general lack of international service, since US Airways downsized it a "spoke" station a few years back. Which means a reliance on connecting through the New York airports, Philly, Dulles and Atlanta.....which often are full, and people who travel for business out of PIT end up taking double-connections when that happens. At least CDG service gives PIT some "breathing room" in getting the last-minute high-yield business traveler.
      However, there are also some "ethnic regulars" that could be a "core revenue group" that is consistent. Granted, there is nothing like SFO-Hong Kong or ORD-Warsaw......in Pittsburgh, there are people that go, on a regular basis, to Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, Prague, Belgrade, and a few African destinations. None of these, on their own, can warrant having dedicated service.....but the sum of the parts all add up. Especially with Air France being a Delta partner. Good move, strange as it sounds, by DL.]
      Kenya Airways is looking as A-330s an option, to replace its late 787 order.
      Ethiopian has added three more 777s to its Boeing order.
      Lufthansa has bought 20% of BMI from SAS.
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