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Industry Update and Commentary 1Jul07

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  • Bill Koumarelos
    Philppine Airlines earned a net profit of $140.3 million last year, which was six times more than the previous year. [Way to go, PAL!! And, hello
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      Philppine Airlines earned a net profit of $140.3 million last year, which was six times more than the previous year. [Way to go, PAL!! And, hello United----there is obviously money to be made in the Phil's......we need to watch this. Especially with PAL having six 777s on order.]
      Paris/CDG is now ready for the A-380, with the new terminal open. So, add them to the list, which only numbers a dozen airports worldwide. And France is the only country--so far--that have two airports that are 380-ready, the other being Toulouse, where the plane is made.
      In Athens, the airport has given approval to start construction a business convention center on the airport property. The new airport is only a few years old, and they are already doing property improvements. There has been an increase in business travel to Greece, and the few hotels that do have convention facilities are constantly being booked.
      Be careful if you are planning to go to Guatemala this week. The international Olympic committee is meeting in GUA this week, starting 7/2, and will be picking the host for the 2014 winter games. So you may get some last-minute bookings to attend the conference. If you don't know already, it's down to three countries, Austria vs. Russia vs. Korea.
      Also avoid non-revving on Northwest, if at all possible as many of their flights have been cancelling. This is due to pilot shortages.
      Aeroflot has dropped its bid to take over Alitalia.
      The EU has banned Garuda, and the other 50 Indonesian carriers from Europe, due to safety issues. [You can expect increased loads on Singapore and KLM to Jakarta, taking more European connections.]
      Siberia/S7 airlines has signed code-share agreements with TAP and Singapore. [Both are Star Alliance carriers. Could Russia's largest domestic carrier be on our team soon??]
      Viva Macau Airlines will be starting direct service from Macau to Sydney.
      And, at good old UAL, there will be code-shares with Qatar Airways, and Croatia Airlines.
      Seattle Updates........this weekend is the "Little People of America" convention. This is a fraternal organization of dwarfs, midgets, and other "vertically challenged" types. 2007 marks the 50th anniversary of the LPA, and the convention will be here in Seattle. About 2200 will be attending.....some coming from as far away as Germany.
      The United issues was compounded with the Northwest cancellations here. Not to mention people coming late off cruises. Plus Canadians, who buy tickets out of SEA(cheaper than YVR/YYJ)getting stuck at the border.Thursday and Friday were awful days here. Major cancellations, and a major diversion. Not many protection options.
      Saturday was awful, but in a different way. There were some people whose complaints were way out of line, in relation to their issues. The BP2s and the middle seat people complained longer and loudly than the sad-faced BP5As who had really legitimate issues, and largely stayed quiet.
      We also had some e-ticket problems with NWA, AC, and US Airways-issued tickets.
      With Burger King going at full speed now, there are shorter lines all around in ALL food places in the N-gates.
      I-5 will be getting some major repairs done to the road between Aug 10-29. If you are in Seattle then, allow extra time getting to the airport.
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