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    May 31, 2007 UAL Update To All Local Chairpersons and Local Committee (PCE) Reps Employed by United Airlines Dear Brothers and Sisters: I wanted to take this
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      May 31, 2007

      UAL Update

      To All Local Chairpersons and Local Committee (PCE) Reps Employed by
      United Airlines

      Dear Brothers and Sisters:

      I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your efforts and support for the successful “Day of Action” rally and nation wide activities. In the coming weeks and months ahead you will see evidence of your solidarity and message delivered as workers in the transportation industry to the political arena and within our industry as well.

      For those of you who were able to join us in Seattle for our Local Chairperson’s
      conference, I hope you found the conference beneficial and helpful in carrying out your day to day efforts in behalf of our membership and union back home. It was certainly beneficial for your District Officers to receive your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions in our workshop format where consensus was achieved in a number of areas. I appreciate the suggestions received for consideration at next year’s conference and I intend to implement a number of the ideas put forth.

      I also wanted to report back to you that we are following-up on a number of issues discussed and presented during our workshop sessions.

      One in particular is our continuing efforts to bring work back in-house (insourcing) and possible new opportunities of work as well for our members to perform. A few months ago, I assigned AGC Miriam Seewald to head up a committee to explore with UAL such opportunities in the stores department. To protect our jobs from outside vendors and to seek opportunities to compete with vendors for additional work our members could perform in-house. In no small part due to AGC Seewald's leadership and work of her committee in meetings with UAL, approximately 200 of our storekeeper jobs were protected and saved. The Committee is continuing its ongoing meetings with UAL to continue to explore other work opportunities for our members and cost savings to UAL.

      It is in that same light that I have assigned AGC Delaney to meet with UAL and
      explore a similar criteria or consistent formula to be utilized by our local committees (Ramp & PCE) along with local management to bring work back in-house (insource) and/ or additional work opportunities not now being performed by our members, but which could be. Some examples already being reviewed are thru cleans, overnight cleans, incidental fueling opportunities and ground handling of other airlines. As outlined at the Chairperson conference by AGC Delaney, this means competing with vendors in a way that is cost saving to UAL and work opportunities for our members at the local level. AGC Delaney's initial meetings with UAL have gone well with progress in adopting a criteria moving forward (a report has been provided to your AGCs by AGC Delaney). Additional discussions are continuing to finalize this program and when complete, additional information will be forthcoming.

      Once we have a program in place with UAL, we will begin training at the local station level or at our District offices in Chicago to provide our Local Committees with the tools to move forward in exploring such job opportunities in behalf of our members. When it comes to vendors, we know our members are superior in doing the work and now we should have an opportunity to compete in the economic arena as well.

      Another topic of much discussion at the LCC conference as well, was the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). AGC Asuncion was assigned to conduct the workshop and did an excellent presentation and exploration of the issues surrounding the FMLA law and corporate abuses in many cases violating the law, more so than our agreements which, if contractual violations, are grieved and remedied. The workshop discussions highlighted that the more recent violations abound under the law. With that in mind and in follow-up to the LCC conference, AGC Asuncion is reviewing with legal counsel some possible suggested ways to move on the infractions of the law itself in the legal arena. Upon completion of AGC Asuncion's review additional information will be provided to you.

      Once again, on behalf of our District Officers, General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr. and myself, we thank you for the work you do every day for our membership, your ongoing support and solidarity that is so vital for the aspirations of our members and your Union.

      You are the best.


      S. R. ( Randy ) Canale
      President & Directing
      General Chairman

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