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    Feb 27, 2013
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       Below are my thoughts. 
       First, I do not think we should pay 20% copay for the insurance. If pilots want to pay, let them. I am certain that if we get what we want, the pilots will go to the corporate office (namely to Jeff) demanding 20% copay wave or will start unnecessary drama such as not flying the planes. They will ultimately leave us hanging and to deal with angry customers, which is entirely unfair. 

       If we end up paying 20% per person, we will be paying around $100.00 to $150.00 per month for premium, in addition to co-payments for doctors visits and hospital stays. If there is any doubt regarding this, I have proof that this will be the ultimate end result. In 2008, Mr. Vern Luxunberg (IAM) did me wrong. Because of him, I was sent to work at the maintenance base. He told me that he negotiated for me so I could keep my seniority and benefits. However, when I started working, United began to take out $179.00/month for insurance payments for Kaiser. This was taken out without my permission. I have yet to receive any written information, explanation, or confirmation from IAM or Vern. 

       Therefore, adding another 20% co payment will result in no benefit for us. In fact, it will harm us. IAM repeatedly informed us that we would get the best contract; if this is the best they can do, then this should be voted down. 

      Lastly, job security for those who have less than 10 years with United should not vote if they are planning to stay with United for a long period of time. 

      Mahesh Patel
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