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  • Tpatel1105@aol.com
    Sep 11, 2012
      Scott and Greg,

      On another subject-THE BID. Many, many agents are upset about the shift bid. We are hearing that Greg Brown & you agreed to let the company pull out the probationary domestic agents from the seniority list and create a special bid just for them. Reason being you cannot have all the new agents working early morning and late swing. Why? We all did that and that is how airlines work. That is how I started with my new hire class at 4AM. If the company has a training liability the company should improve their hiring and training practices.
      Because of this decision, many agents cannot hold the part-time shifts they have held for years. Others will need to bid the IA work area in order to keep the shift they want to work. The probationary agents will bid relief and be scheduled and trained to work in more desirable areas. Scheduling will pull from the relief before they pull from IA. Are these new probationary agents paying Union Dues like the rest of us? Why is the Union making agreements for their benefit rather than looking out for the greater group of long time employees. These new part-time agents were given Line 5 & 6 (Christmas) while these lines were not offered to DPI agents.
      In the future will we not be able to get Christmas & Thanksgiving off because we cannot have a junior staff on the holiday?
      There are 100 probationary agents in the bid. There are 20 International probationary agents in the bid. They were hired and trained at the same time. Why are the International probationary agents in the ICR bid but the domestic probationary agents separate. The ratios are the same. Are the ICSR's trained in a different and better manner than the domestic probationary employees. There is no rhyme or reason for splitting out the probationary employees.
      This shift bid needs to be reconsidered and changed. A simple solution would be to open the probationary lines up the all the domestic agents and merge the lists.
      We have all worked hard for this company for years to get to a position to be able to select shifts using our seniority. One swift move has compromised our union and our company.

      Thank You,