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50 Days to 25th annual observance of International Day of Peace!

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      Subject: 50 Days to Peace Day!

      Peace Day News - May 4, 2006 - 140 Days to Peace  Day - www.PeaceDay2006.org
      Peace Day - September 21 - The International Day of Peace

      Uniting our strengths for a Culture of Peace

      Join the global movement for a culture of peace ...

      There is so much going on for a better world all around us that the mainstream media never shares. Many different movements for social change are beginning to converge into a global movement for a culture of peace. The Culture of Peace Initiative (formerly the "We The Peoples" Initiative) is a United Nations-designated Peace Messenger Initiative, coordinated by Pathways To Peace, that is helping to connect organizations and individuals to build a culture of peace. Participation is free ... please visit CultureOfPeace.org )

      ... You are a pathway to peace!

      PEACE DAY - 25th Annual Observance!

      The International Day of Peace (Peace Day) is a highlight of the Culture of Peace Initiative. Peace Day is a unique opportunity to bring attention to the millions of little and big things that individuals and organizations around the world are doing all year long to make this world a better place. September 21, 2006 will be the 25th annual Peace Day observance! This year, events and activities include concerts, parades, marches, fasts, conferences, festivals, gatherings, service projects, ceremonies, children's activities such as peace art & essay contests and pinwheels for peace, Peace Day parties and peace vigils that are being planned by more than 1200 organizations in over 150 nations. (For highlights, local listings and to list your event, please visit www.internationaldayofpeace.org)

      NEW at CultureOfPeace.org
      World Premier Peace Video
      PeaceTroubadour and internationally renown singer, author and moviemaker, Jimmy Twyman, has contributed a new Peace Video for the International Day of Peace. You can watch the world premier free only at: www.CultureOfPeace.org
      You can now sign up for free weekly emailed Peace Alerts or check local and global listings for Culture Of Peace Events on the Peace Calendar at
      Each week the CultureOfPeace.org site will feature one of the 350 + participants in the Culture of Peace Initiative, such as Earthdance, the Global Dance Festival for Peace that has grown to become the world's largest simultaneous music and dance event, now in over 50 countries with 222 different events.

      Help spread peace by sending PassALong cards with messages of peace. You can also sign up to receive free inspiring Peace e-messages. For more details about both visit www.CultureOfPeace.org

      2 Peace Day posters have been created by award winning artist Irene Kai for Pathways To Peace. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these posters goes towards supporting Pathways To Peace's work as secretariat of the Culture of Peace Initiative (www.cultureofpeace.org) a UN-designated Peace Messenger Initiative, and host of InternationalDayOfPeace.org (www.PTPposter.com)

      To find out more about how you can be involved in helping to spread the word about the International Day of Peace, please visit: www.internationaldayofpeace.org

      Peace Day News is produced by
      Pathways To Peace
      the International Secretariat of the
      Culture of Peace Initiative
      (formerly the "We The Peoples" Initiative)
      a United Nations-designated
      Peace Messenger Initiative

      Your tax-deductible
      donation can help create humanity's
      first day of peace ever.

      Pathways To Peace (East Coast Office) PO Box 340 - Roosevelt, NJ 08555-0340
      Tel: 609-462-9248 - Fax: 503-214-6864 - Email: peaceday@...

      www.CultureOfPeace.org - www.InternationalDayOfPeace.org

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      with the email address you would like to unsubscribe.
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      May Peace Prevail On Earth!

      ...Uniting our strengths along pathways to peace to build a culture of peace....
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