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NO Home for the Holidays

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  • GeorgeMVW
    Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,
    Message 1 of 196 , Dec 1, 2000
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      Dear Brothers and Sisters in the
      Lord,<br><br><a href=http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/nohomefortheholidays target=new>http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/nohomefortheholidays</a><br><br>is for those unfortunates who find themselves with
      no home, and often no hope for the
      holidays.<br><br>Please join us to share in our message of
      encouragement.<br><br>Additionally, we are setting up a tech center/day shelter here
      in CHi, IL - near North/Pulaski since there are NO
      Facilities for the homeless in this part of
      Chicago.<br><br>We especially are in need of:<br><br>Computers
      (PC/MAC/Laptops)<br>Printers (any type)<br>Software (windows
      95-2000)<br>Fax/Modems (any configuration)<br>Cell Phone
      (any)<br>Paper/Supp (envelopes, printer paper, etc)<br><br>for our
      office needs.<br><br>For the Holidays we are looking
      especially for:<br><br>Clothes (Cotas, shoes, shirts, pants,
      boots, etc)<br>non-Perishable Food Items (Canned goods,
      instant meals, etc)<br>Coffee (as much as our homeless
      guys and gals can get)<br><br>And, there shall surely
      be more added:<br><br>If you or your firm can help
      these Unforunate ones with No Home for The
      Holidays:<br><br>Visit us on line or send your donations to:<br><br>No
      Home for the Holidays<br>CO Br. George V<br>1939 N
      Kildare Avenue<br>Chi, IL 60639<br>(800) 699-2466
    • richard372000
      Congratuation Jaycee , Paix et Joie Your Canadian brother Richard OFS
      Message 196 of 196 , Mar 16, 2002
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        Congratuation Jaycee , Paix et Joie<br><br>Your Canadian brother<br><br>Richard OFS
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