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International news from CIOFS oct 1 2004

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  • Richard C. ofs
    C I O F S LIST SFO International Council - Weekly edition Volume: 10 - N. 40 - 2004 - October - I From: CIOFS Secretariat ... Project for The Acquisition of
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      C I O F S LIST

      SFO International Council

      - Weekly edition

      Volume: 10 - N. 40 - 2004 - October - I

      From: CIOFS Secretariat

      Project for The Acquisition of CIOFS Headquarters in Rome



      1. Party interested
      2. : International Council of the OFS

        1. Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis – Via Pomponia Grecina, 31 – 00145 – Rome
          Tel. e fax: +39.06.97270312; e-mail: ciofs@...
        2. Office: Work related to the worldwide activities of the OFS International government.
        3. Necessity of own headquarters for the functions of the CIOFS General Secretariat.
      3. Juridical Person responsible
      4. :

        - Consilium Internationale - Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis - (CIOFS)

      5. Purpose
      6. : Acquisition of CIOFS and General Secretariat Headquarters.
      7. Motivation
      8. In accordance with article 19.1 of the Statute of the International Fraternity: "The International Council has its own Secretariat. Its structure and seat in Rome are established by the Presidency, taking into account its operative requirements."

        At present, the International Council avails itself of a Secretariat at the above reported address, offered by the General Curia of the OFM Capuchin, on a free-of-charge lease basis. This lease will come to an end in one and half years and cannot be further extended.

        In any case, this accommodation does not respond satisfactorily to the needs and operational requirements of the Secretariat and prevents us to proceed to the adaptation works we would require, as it is only a lease coming soon to an end.

        Considering our working hours, which are a consequence of our secularity, and also the need to grow independent with respect to the Orders who offer us spiritual Assistance, we must find a place that will guarantee us a certain security over time, and may be simultaneously used, not only for the ordinary administrative-secretarial work of the Secretariat, but also as a meeting place for the small Commissions which must periodically meet in Rome and as a hospitality center for those members of CIOFS who must travel to Rome in fulfillment of their responsibilities (e. g. The Minister General).

        Having said this, in view of the operational needs and in compliance with the decision of the 2002 General Chapter, we formulate the following:

      9. Concrete Proposal
      10. The General Treasurer, Carlo Cerù, who knows well our needs and our financial situation, has offered an apartment to be used as the CIOFS headquarters, which his local Fraternity, where he presently serves as Minister, has inherited and that at this time is not in use.

      11. Characteristics of the apartment
      12. :
        • Location: Via Vittorio Putti 4, apt. 6, second floor - 00152 Rome
        • Floor space of 120 m2.
        • Bright apartment consisting of 4 large rooms, two balconies, large kitchen, a bathroom and a smaller toilet with shower. Next to the small toilet there is an area which can well serve as a storing room.
        • Well connected to the center of Rome by a bus (n. 44 bus stop 50 mt. away from the apartment) and a fast tram (n. 8 bus stop at ca. 150mt.).
        • Small restructuring interventions are needed. For the bathrooms: plumbing and replacement of some sanitary ware. For the kitchen: plumbing. Estimated necessary sum: around 20.000 Euros. The apartment has to be furnished and the furniture and the office machines available at Secretariat have to be moved to the new headquarters.
        • The apartment as described above covers our present needs.
      1. Terms and Conditions
      2. :
        • Market value of the apartment: 380.000 Euros
        • .
        • Selling price to the CIOFS
        • : 340.000 Euros
        • It will not be necessary to obtain a mortgage loan. It will only be necessary to sign a contract before a notary public, between the Ara Coeli Fraternity and the CIOFS Presidency, containing the agreed terms and conditions.
        • Funds available at the CIOFS for the project: 60.000 Euros
        • Initial payment: 35.000 Euros, plus restructuring interventions.
        • The remaining sum will be paid:
          • Mainly with the funds that CIOFS will receive from the various National Fraternities, to cope with the commitments;
          • Counting with the generosity of many individual brothers and sisters who have greater financial resources;
          • Asking financial help from the other branches of the Franciscan Family and their various assistance organizations;
          • Determining an annual sum to be paid to the Ara Coeli Fraternity, which, in case of inability to cope with, would have to be renegotiated by mutual agreement.

      Rome, 25 August 2004
      San Louis, King of France

      Rosalvo Gonçalves Mota, OFS
      General Vice-Minister

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