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June OFS letter

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  • Richard Chamberland ofs
    Regional Spiritual Assistant Our Lady of the Angels Region Dear Brothers & Sisters in St. Francis and Clare,             June 2013      
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2013

      Regional Spiritual Assistant
      Our Lady of the Angels Region
      Dear Brothers & Sisters in St. Francis and Clare,             June 2013

                 When Pope Francis celebrated his inaugural Mass his homily spoke of the example of St. Joseph and challenged the faithful to "be protectors of God's gifts."           St. Francis too, aspired to this same spirit in his love and respect for all of God's wondrous creation when he so aptly penned the Canticle of the Creatures.     Also in his brief seventeenth Admonition Francis wrote:  "Blessed is that servant who takes no more pride in the good that God says and does through him than in what he says and does through someone else."  What this means is that all of our talents and abilities must ultimately be placed in the hands of God. We mortals do not determine the aims or outcomes of all our life's abilities. We need be honest and very humble in regards to our daily activities in which Francis regards them in this admonition, that is, God acting and speaking through each of us since we consent to serve Him in humility. Or have we ever been uplifted and enriched by what God has said and done through someone else"?  Indeed all life is gift — and we are recipients of these great gifts. Mindful that any good, whether it is done by God through us or someone else, is an enriching revelation of God's omnipotence and wisdom, not only in creating us, but also in wanting to be active through us. Whenever good takes place, there is a sign of God's activity and God can be experienced in the happy moment and event whether it takes place through us or through "someone else." Always be ready to serve the Lord's glory in deep humility.  For He alone will decide whom He will use in order to reveal His creative power — that is in the end His affair. Our task is to praise and thank Him for that revelation whenever we find or recognize it.           

                      A special vote of thanks goes out to Sister Maria Nakagawa, FMM on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of her religious life celebrated on June 1, 2013 at St. Anthony's church in Calgary.  Sr. Maria has been instrumental in guiding the Secular Franciscan fraternity of St. Mary's in Calgary and earlier on starting St. Francis fraternity in Prince George, BC. Thank you for your example and spiritual assistance these many years Sister Maria.                                                                                                                                                                        Fraternally,                                                                                              Friar Louis Geelan, O.F.M.
                                  Questions for personal reflection and/or group sharing     
      1.      What have I "given to the Lord" or have received from my neighbor
      it is He who accomplishes everything?
                   2.  In my prayers and undertakings do I acknowledge other people's Godgiven  gifts that help accomplish His plan as I humbly try to do each day?
      Paix et Joie
      Richard Chamberland


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