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Letter from Friar Louis Geelan, O.F.M

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  • Richard Chamberland
    Have a Happy New Year, Peace and Joy Richard
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2009
      Have a Happy New Year,
      Peace and Joy
                                                               OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS
                                                              Regional Spiritual AssistantThe 
                                                                 SFO January Letter: 2009
      Dear Brothers and Sisters,                                                                                  
               Another season of Christmas has passed with the good news that God has broken into our time and history espousing our humanity forever. When the fullness of time had arrived the sovereignty of God humbly revealed itself in a child born in a borrowed stable. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us inspiring St. Francis, at Greccio, to re-enact with fervent devotion the events of that Holy Night when the Almighty did great things for us. The glory of the Lord dwells in our midst throughout the generations even to out day. With joy we eagerly celebrate the mystery of both the Incarnation and the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The marvel of it all is that the Son of God became poor to make us rich, He emptied Himself that we might be lifted up by His lowliness and share in His glory. May we have hearts that are upright and sincere, so that we may be attentive to His word in the Gospel and the Church as a means to perfection in ourselves and in the world for the sake of His glory. 
       As Secular Franciscans, who live in the every day world, we share a humble sense of seeking holiness, justice and peace with all those we encounter in our homes and in the community around us. The revised Secular Rule approved by Pope Paul VI embraces the Gospel values so dear to Francis. There is the growing realization that we belong to a real Order and that our profession in the Order is of the same importance as religious profession – different but of equal import. Thus, all the sisters and brothers of Francis are gifts. “Every Secular Franciscan must be a living book in which people can read the teaching of the Gospel. (St. Joseph of Leonissa) St. Colette wisely adds: “We must faithfully keep what we have promised. If through human weakness we fail, we must always without delay arise and begin again by means of holy resolve giving our attention to leading a good life and dying a holy death.”
        May this coming New Year of 2009 challenge you together with your loved ones to pray for and long for peace allowing justice to blossom on earth. Blessings, light and peace be with you all.  
      Friar Louis Geelan, O.F.M.
                                Questions for personal and group discussion:
      1. In what ways may I restore greater peace of mind and body to my Secular Franciscan life style?
      2.  How can I best enter into God’s initiative of bringing salvation to an often broken and fragile world? The Son of the Most High, the Prince of Peace, did just that!      

      Paix et joie, Richard ofs


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