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  • Nurse Vet
    Jul 1, 2013
      Fellow travelers. I am in the Sterling/Herndon region of Virginia and currently am a member of Christ the Redeemer Church in Sterling. Our priests are the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. It is a long story, but my husband and I have survived 40 years of marriage as cradle Catholics. I think our common faith has kept us together.

      We moved here from Louisiana (very long story). I was born in DC in 1945 and Steve was born on Staten Island, NY in 1950. Don't ask how we managed to meet. I am an Army veteran and he is an Air Force veteran.

      I am retired from a career in nursing, nursing education, and a 4 year tour in the Army Nurse Corps--one year in Vietnam.

      I have always wanted a more active lay role in the Church. Serving as a Lector has partially satisfied this hunger, but the many years in Louisiana kept me geographically too far from any lay religious group. We are planning a move from Ashburn to a townhouse rental community virtually walking distance to St. Joseph Church in Herndon--site of lay Franciscan formation and also administered by Franciscans. The next group begins in the Fall. Maybe by age 70 I will be well on my way.

      My philosophy is one of keeping an open mind and trying to behave and believe as Jesus did (as much as possible). Loving animals is a small part of my belief system. Love and tolerance of the many cultures I live among is a big one. Sunday I finally asked one of my fellow parishioners if he were indeed Vietnamese. (We have Asians and Hispanics in our congregation.) We had a quick exchange of hugs. A younger, more immature Lola resented these people who were caught up in the awful meat grinder of the Vietnam War. I now grieve for losses in war on both sides. BUT I do tend to avoid political comments. I find it is a no win situation.

      I hope to make friends on this journey.
      Love & Peace, Lola