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Re: [sfbrowncoats] Re: Licensing Firefly and Serenity - I just called Fox

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  • G Stempinski
    Something s rotten in the state of california. I spoke directly with Fox s licensing department and told them that I wanted to buy a license to show Buffy at
    Message 1 of 106 , Oct 10, 2007
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      Something's rotten in the state of california.  I spoke directly with Fox's licensing department and told them that I wanted to buy a license to show Buffy at a private party, where there was no admission charged and it wasn't publically advertized.  They told me I don't even need a License.  When i told them the Venue was a movie theatre they said that it changed things and Criterion would be able to set up the licensing agreement with me. 
      So it doesn't look like Fox OR Criterion really (at an organizational level) are all on the same page.
      I just called Criterion again and the lady I spoke with was unsure if they even were able to do TV show licensing at all.  It's like a really unfunny version of Who's on first.  Thankfully she was professional about it and admitted that she wasn't sure exactly how the whole TV show stuff worked.  She's calling one of the department heads at Criterion and is going to get back to me with all the details.  For now I'm just going to see what we can do to keep the halloween party up and running.  Once we figure out the different options to do a long term deal I guess we can cross that bridge.
      Enjoy the day!

      Adam Levermore-Rich <adam.levermorerich@...> wrote:
      From comments left in my LJ:

      I'm the host of the Cerrito Whedon Nights I've written to Criterion but haven't heard back directly. This is from an email that Criterion sent the Speakeasy theaters that they forwarded to me:

      "Fox, like other studios, finds themselves in need of often swift action to deal with licensing and availability. Unfortunately, this involves not just the rights on Buffy but all TV shows. As of this writing, we have been told that Criterion is not authorized to license any TV Shows (please refer to Fox in Flight for the scope of this withdrawl) at this time. Because this is a different medium, there are questions regarding licensing, especially in theatrical settings."

      That's as close to official info as I have. I will post more here as I get it.

      On 10/10/07, Gabriel <coxdebate@yahoo. com> wrote:
      I just called them and the person i was supposed to speak with is out
      of the office today as is the other person they forwarded me to. So
      I left a message. Hopefully they'll call back. Does anyone have
      Will Vilharo's contact info? It would help if I could find out
      exactly who at Criterion informed him of the problem and what the
      exact wording of the "cease and desist" or whatever they sent out
      was. If it's just an issue of charging admission for an umbrella
      license then we've got an easy work around by just renting the
      theatre and not charging admission. So before I start pressing too
      much into dealing with Criterion I just want to make sure I
      understand the depth and breadth of the situaiton.


      --- In sfbrowncoats@ yahoogroups. com, "Adam Levermore-Rich"
      <adam.levermorerich@ ...> wrote:
      > Interesting that he pointed you to Criterion, since they're the
      ones that
      > just got the smackdown. Are you going to call Criterion? If so,
      it'd be
      > interesting to find out exactly what they are or are not allowed to
      do now.
      > On 10/10/07, Gabriel <coxdebate@.. .> wrote:
      > >
      > > Ok Just got off the phone with Fox. The licensing department
      rep told
      > > me that even for a very large group of people you don't need a
      > > to show the TV shows in a private venue (i.e. house party, rented
      > > ballroom, wedding reception etc...) This didn't quite jive right
      so I
      > > said what if the Private rented venue where the private party is
      > > held is a movie theatre and he said "ohhhh, that changes things.
      > > if it's a private, non-admission showing at a movie theatre you
      > > some level of a license." He then proceeded to give me a few
      > > at Criterion to call regarding said license.
      > >
      > > So worst case scenario I'll gladly host a party at my place
      although I
      > > don't quite have parkway capacity :(
      > >
      > > --- In sfbrowncoats@ yahoogroups. com <sfbrowncoats%
      40yahoogroups. com>,
      > > "Gabriel" <coxdebate@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > So I just got off the phone with MPLC. The sales rep said that
      > > > licensing for Television shows is done directly through Fox
      > > > The contact number she gave me is 310-369-1000. Do you guys
      > > it's
      > > > even worth asking fox if we can buy an umbrella license? I'll
      > > > make the call to see how much they want if they'll even
      consider it
      > > at
      > > > all. But just in case something is already in the works I'm
      going to
      > > > wait for a thumbs up from all you folks that are "in the know"
      so i
      > > > don't end up accidentially stepping on anyone's toes.
      > > >
      > > > Thanks,
      > > > Gabe
      > > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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    • G Stempinski
      So I just spoke with Criterion this morning. They are allowed to liscense Non-theatrical performances of buffy / firefly. I explained that the only
      Message 106 of 106 , Oct 11, 2007
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        So I just spoke with Criterion this morning.  They are allowed to liscense "Non-theatrical" performances of buffy / firefly.  I explained that the only theatrical thing about it was it being in a theatre, if it wasn't open to the public nor charged admission the Criterion rep thought their "non-theatrical" license would be just fine.  She's contacting FOX today to get their blessing. 
        So this means that we could continue to do our thing but we would need to take paypal donations and then just rent the theatre.  The theatre can't take in any revenue from ticket sales nor can they advertize the event publically (which are the definitions of what makes it a "theatrical" showing).
        Hopefully I get the good news back this afternoon!
        Much love,

        Christina Cat <tinawind@...> wrote:
        Buffy/Firefly at Parkway have been the only things to actually get me over the hill for months, I'll make it up, bags of bunnies in hand, for whatever Buffy related thing that manages to happen.  (hope licensing things get worked out, I have at least 4 months worth of bunnies stored up at this point...)

        Christina Cat

        laurateresad <laurateresad@ yahoo.com> wrote:

        Just heard back from Will.
        We are doing it. With the movie. The movie is only 90 minutes so we can fit in a bunch of
        extra fun. And I plan to figure out a way to sing along to the movie... you think I can't?
        Seriously, I can make up a soundtrack to ANYTHING!

        And as god is my witness there will be flying bunnies involved!!!!

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