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Toddler Tech

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  • Lael DasGupta
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      From: Shumit DasGupta <shu@...>
      Date: June 1, 2012 6:32:58 PM PDT
      To: shu@...
      Subject: Toddler Tech

      Hey everyone, apologies for the mass email, but we had an INCREDIBLE response for Toddler Tech, and everyone wanted to know the same things, so here they are:

      Place: West Side Art House in the Richmond. Off the main thoroughfares, so parking is definitely doable, as well as reasonable public transport.
      Time: "9:30-11:30". The time is in "quotes" because class will actually run from 10:00-11:15. We all have children, and we all need that 'bumper' zone. Feel free to show up early and stay late- we have the space, there is no rush.
      Dates: Tuesdays and Fridays, last two weeks of June, first week of July* (6/19, 6/22, 6/26, 6/29, 7/3,  7/6) 
      Ages:2-5 We can accommodate anyone who can rub a crayon on paper, kid and parent included. The projects are designed in an 'emergence' fashion- any contribution will enhance the whole. Bathrooms, outdoor tables and chairs, and a "LEGO" corner will all be provided.

      Hope that helps everyone! Let us know soon- space is limited- although we may be able to open a second section, depending on interest. We will hopefully be able to provide a free demo class through GGMG the week prior, and if you have interested friends, please forward the email! For good measure, the class description is below, and thanks!

      TODDLER TECH: Early Art and Science 

      This art-and-science mash-up for our youngest experimenters is designed to be fun for both the kids and their caregivers. Join us as we make paper casts from recycled junk mail, add your mark to the Great Crayon-Smear Mosaic Tapestry, enjoy the fresh air on our Beachcomber, Flower Press, and Chalk-Art Flash Mob field days, make and dye your own tu-tu with traditional Indian plant pigments,  and celebrate the finale with a Homemade ice-cream social!

      Shu DasGupta
      Proprietor, ZettaTech

      Science for Everyone
      Facebook Flickr 

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