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"Be a Lamp Unto Yourself"

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  • maxi
    This week s focus: Green Tara ________________________________________________ As we become more and more aware of our life experiences developing into wisdom,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2008
      This week's focus: Green Tara

      As we become more and more aware of our life experiences developing into wisdom, we also become more aware of the guidance of our own light. This unique light is our spiritual essence of who we are and why we are, and it resonates directly from our own heart and mind, right here in the now!
      We so often hear the term "The Light of the World" and we think it means someone or something else that shines outside of ourselves. The real truth is, that it comes from all of us collectively and the distinctive light that you shine, is not just your heart but also from your wise subconscious. This means that you naturally shine from within for the purpose of giving yourself the light and then emanating outward to others... a way to find ourselves and others of like frequencies.

      When we are tired or stresses or feeling lonely, out inner light dims to the world but is burning strong within us. When we focus on this inner light it becomes even stronger and frequencies of happiness and success reverberate throughout our entire body and auric fields. Sound and color are the two most important elements to have a healthy inner light. Our thoughts lighten, creating greater ampage and our entire being begins to feel the universal love and creativity by which we were created.

      Would you like to have your inner light shine upon your personal life path, guiding you? Would you like to do so in a peaceful, relaxed, no-effort manner? Sound frequency healing is the loving, gentle yet effective way. It is the gift of the Angels, it is the communication carrier of the realms and transcends the dimensions with self compassion and collective desire between you and your maker.

      Each Wednesday evening, I play the Singing Crystal Bowls and the Sound Healing instruments for you.
      All you have to do is curl up on the pillows and blankets and let go! Just get out of your own way and let your DNA lead you to your personal gifts of a fulfilling life. The Bowls gently release blocks according to your nature and your personal Divine timing. The effects are cumulative and will build each time you experience the Bowl's Healing Gifts and personal enlightenment. We have a focused topic before the bowls each week that integrates the loving communications from your personal life purpose guides into a nature flow of our daily lives. Their message and sound frequencies are channeled in and captured on a CD, played as the lead-in for the Bowls. Before closing the Bowls, we also work on our Miasm and Soul DNA, that which integrates our physical DNA (the family and beliefs and genetics we incarnated into), and Soul DNA (the true code of your existence, life lessons and purpose... awakening instruction codes).

      The Bowls are followed by Open Channeling to assist you in transitioning any vision or messages you received during the bowl journey, and, to answer any other questions you may have about your life and the world. Teas, wine, sweets and fresh reverse osmosis water with garden mint follow the session along with absolutely, heart and mind, fulfilling conversations.
      Love, Light & Compassion, Rev. Maxi
      Please join me for this week's session.
      Every Wednesday, 7 PM, $15
      This week: July 2, Green Tara
      Location: The Marhatis Enlightenment Center, 3433 Ashton. Ct. Palo Alto CA.
      Convenient RSVP:  www.marhatis.com/rsvp.htm
      Presenter: Rev. Maxi Harper, Master Multidimensional Channel/Soulwarrior *
      Contact: 650-320-8191 or maxiharper@...
      More info: www.marhatis.com/crystalbowl.htm
      Directions: www.marhatis.com/printabledirections.htm
      * Rev. Maxi will be presenting the Crystal Bowls Sound Healing and Miasm/Soul DNA Activation at East West Bookstore on July 17, 2008. FREE! Please call to reserve your space: 650-988-9800 or 800-909-6161.

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