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Microwave Radiation: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution! Presentation

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  • Hannah Seelig
    Panel on Health Hazards of Wireless Technologies at San Francisco s Commonwealth Club Wednesday, March 19 Need we be concerned about the biological effects of
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      Panel on Health Hazards of Wireless Technologies at San Francisco's

      Commonwealth Club Wednesday, March 19

      Need we be concerned about the biological effects of electromagnetic
      radiation from wireless technologies, such as cell phones, wireless
      networks, cell towers & antennas, PDAs, and portable phones?
      Attendees at the panel "Microwave Radiation: The Shadow Side of the
      Wireless Revolution" will learn what the science shows from renowned
      scientific and public health experts.

      Conclusions of the recent international review of existing science,
      called The BioInitiative Report (www.BioInitiative.org) will be
      presented, as will the conclusions of a report on the potential
      hazards of city-wide Wi-Fi in San Francisco. This program is
      supported by the Health & Medicine and Environment & Natural
      Resources member-led forums at the Commonwealth Club, and has been co-
      organized with Wide Angle Health, LLC in association with Citizens
      for Health, the leading health advocacy organization in Washington,
      D.C., the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and Starfish
      Health Partners.

      Please join us to learn what is known about biological effects of
      microwave radiation and what we can do to create safe environments.
      Doctors, patients, school officials, parents, CEOs, human resource
      managers, developers, architects, conservationists, farmers, labor
      groups, journalists and government officials are encouraged to attend.

      Date: Wednesday, March 19th
      Time: 5:00 p.m. Reception/6:00 p.m. Program
      Tickets: $8 Members/$15 Non-Members.
      RSVP to www.commonwealthclub.org or (415)597-6700

      Location: Commonwealth Club, 595 Market Street, San Francisco, 2nd

      Confirmed Presenters:

      Cindy Sage is an environmental consultant who has been involved in
      electromagnetic field issues for 25 years. She Co-Edited the recent
      groundbreaking BioInitiative Report, a review of over 2,000 research
      studies on EMF/RF factors in health by a consortium of 16
      internationally renowned scientists. She also serves as Co-
      Facilitator of the Collaborative for Health and the Environment's EMF
      Working Group. Ms. Sage is a highly regarded public policy expert
      and scientific consultant to architects, engineers, developers,
      governments and industry on electromagnetic field issues.

      David Carpenter, MD, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and
      Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the
      School of Public Health at the University of Albany, SUNY. He was the
      Co-Editor of the BioInitiative Report. In the 80s he was Executive
      Secretary of the New York Powerlines Project, a 16-project research
      study ordered by the New York State Public Service Commission which
      confirmed a link between leukemia and elevated magnetic fields. Dr.
      Carpenter has served as an Editorial Advisor to Cellular and
      Molecular Neurobiology and as a member of the editorial boards of the
      Journal of Public Health Management and Practice and International
      Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health. He has
      published over 300 peer reviewed publications and four books. His
      research interests are the human health effects of environmental

      Magda Havas, PhD is Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource
      Studies at Trent University, Canada, where she teaches and does
      research on the biological effects of environmental contaminants,
      including radiofrequency radiation, electromagnetic fields, dirty
      electricity and ground current. She has served as expert witness on
      matters dealing with electrical pollution in both Canada and the
      United States, and has been advisor to non-profits, including
      Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution in Canada, Council
      on Wireless Technology Impacts and the EMR Policy Institute in the
      U.S., HESE in the U.K. and National Platform Stralingscrisco's in the
      Netherlands. Dr. Havas prepared a 50 page scientific analysis
      recently for the San Francisco Neighborhood Antenna-Free Union
      (SNAFU) on the potential adverse health and environmental impacts of
      the proposed citywide Wi-Fi initiative. Her report recommended an
      environmental review be conducted, and the application of the
      Precautionary Principle, before rolling out city wide wireless in San

      Camilla Rees, MBA, Moderator. Ms Rees is CEO of Wide Angle Health,
      LLC, a patient education and advocacy organization. She combines 15
      years of business experience in investment banking, venture capital
      and marketing communications with 10 years as an active student of
      health optimization.

      Select Quotes on EMF/RF

      William Rae, MD
      Founder & Director of the Environmental Health Center, Dallas
      Past President, American Academy of Environmental Medicine*

      "Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health
      problem of the 21st century. It is imperative health practitioners,
      governments, schools and parents learn more about it. The human
      health stakes are significant".

      Whitney North Seymour, Jr., Esq.
      Co-Founder Natural Resources Defense Council
      Attorney, Simpson, Thacher, Bartlett
      Former New York State Senator & United States Attorney, Southern
      District of NY

      "The BioInitiative Report is a major milestone in understanding the
      health risks from wireless technology. Every responsible elected
      official owes it to his or her constituents to learn and act on its
      finding and policy recommendations."

      David Carpenter, MD**
      Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, and Director, Institute for
      Health and the Environment, School of Public Health, University of
      Albany, SUNY.
      Co-Editor, the BioInitiative Report

      "The BioInitiative Report stands as a wake-up call that long-term
      exposure to some kinds of electromagnetic frequencies may cause
      serious health effects. Good public health planning is needed now to
      prevent cancers and neurological diseases linked to exposure to power
      lines and other sources of EMF. We need to educate people and our
      decision-makers that "business as usual" is unacceptable."

      Martin Blank, PhD
      Associate Professor, Department of Physiology, Columbia University,
      College of Physicians and Surgeons
      Researcher in Bioelectromagnetics
      Author of the BioInitiative Report's section on stress proteins.

      "Cells in the body react to EMFs as potentially harmful, just like to
      other environmental toxins, including heavy metals and toxic
      chemicals. The DNA in living cells recognizes electromagnetic fields
      at very low levels of exposure; and produces a biochemical stress
      response. The scientific evidence tells us that our safety standards
      are inadequate, and that we must protect ourselves from exposure to
      EMF due to power lines, cell phones and the like."

      Cindy Sage, MA**
      Co-Editor of The BioInitiative Report
      Co-Facilitator of the Collaborative for Health and the Environment's
      EMF Working Group; Environmental Consultant involved in
      electromagnetic field issues for 25 years

      "The existing FCC and international limits for public and
      occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency
      radiation are not protective of public health. New biologically-
      based public and occupational exposure standards are recommended to
      address bioeffects and potential adverse health effects of chronic
      exposure. These effects are now widely reported to occur at exposure
      levels significantly below most current national and international

      Magda Havas, PhD**
      Associate Professor, Environment & Resource Studies, Trent
      University, Canada. Expert in radiofrequency radiation,
      electromagnetic fields, dirty electricity and ground current.

      "Radio frequency radiation and other forms of electromagnetic
      pollution are harmful at orders of magnitude well below existing
      guidelines. Science is one of the tools society uses to decide health
      policy. In the case of telecommunications equipment, such as cell
      phones, wireless networks, cell phone antennas, PDAs, and portable
      phones, the science is being ignored. Current guidelines urgently
      need to be re-examined by government and reduced to reflect the state
      of the science. There is an emerging public health crisis at hand and
      time is of the essence."

      James S. Turner, Esq.
      Chairman of the Board, Citizens for Health*

      "According to the BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for a
      Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic
      Fields—from electrical and electronic appliances, power lines and
      wireless devices such as cell phones, cordless phones, cellular
      antennas, towers, and broadcast transmission towers—we live in an
      invisible fog of EMF which thirty years of science, including over
      2,000 peer reviewed studies, shows exposes us to serious health risks
      such as increased Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer, Lou Gehrig
      disease, EMF immune system hypersensitivity and disruption of brain
      function and DNA. The public needs to wake up politicians and public
      officials to the need for updating the decades old EMF public health
      standards. This report tells how."

      Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD
      Professor at University Hospital, Orebro, Sweden
      World-renowned expert on cell phones, cordless phones, brain tumors,
      and the safety of wireless radiofrequency and microwave radiation.
      Member, BioInitiative Working Group

      "The evidence for risks from prolonged cell phone and cordless phone
      use is quite strong when you look at people who have used these
      devices for 10 years or longer, and when they are used mainly on one
      side of the head. Recent studies that do not report increased risk of
      brain tumors and acoustic neuromas have not looked at heavy users,
      use over ten years or longer, and do not look at the part of the
      brain which would reasonably have exposure to produce a tumor."

      Camilla Rees, MBA**
      CEO, Wide Angle Health, LLC
      Patient education and advocacy

      "Our quality of life and potential for health is being eroded by
      electromagnetic and radiofrequency fields. Its hard for me to grasp
      that the U.S. spends over $2 trillion dollars on health care costs
      each year, of which 78% are from people with chronic illnesses,
      without adequately exploring and understanding what factors—including
      EMF/RF—contribute to imbalances in peoples' bodies' in the first
      place. After reading The BioInitiative Report's discussion of the
      bioeffects of EMF/RF, it should come as no surprise to policymakers
      given the increasing levels of these exposures that close to 50% of
      Americans now live with a chronic illness. This is wholly
      unacceptable to me."

      Professor Jacqueline McGlade
      Executive Director, European Environmental Agency
      Advisor to European Union countries under the European Commission

      "There are many examples of the failure to use the precautionary
      principle in the past, which have resulted in serious and often
      irreversible damage to health and environments. Appropriate,
      precautionary and proportionate actions taken now to avoid plausible
      and potentially serious threats to health from EMF are likely to be
      seen as prudent and wise from future perspectives."

      * Event Sponsor
      ** Speaker at Commonwealth Club Event, March 19
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