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An invitation to tea this Saturday - February 2

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  • Patrick Dominguez
    Dear friends, A very good friend of mine seems to have it all in life - so in order to give back and make a contribution to her community, she has created a
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      Dear friends,
      A very good friend of mine seems to "have it all" in life - so in order to give back and make a contribution to her community, she has created a benefit event on February 2 in Burlingame for low-income families, children and women (full details below).
      At this event, you can enjoy a great tea service to benefit families in need. The event is on behalf of Bay Area WomenÂ’s and ChildrenÂ’s Center (BAWCC) based in the Tenderloin in SF www.bawcc.org. Clothing donations are very welcome.
      You are invited to attend, and spread the word to anyone else you think might be interested!
      Be well,
      From: "Kathleen Gasuad" <kgasuad AT gmail.com> 
      Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 22:39:57 -0800
      Subject:  An invitation to tea

      Happy new year!  I hope 2008 is off to a great start for you. 

      As the tradition goes, I've made several new year's resolutions and one of them is to contribute more to my community.  In that spirit, I'd like to invite you to a charity event that Sonia Parekh and I have organized for Saturday February 2.  The event is an afternoon tea on behalf of the Bay Area Women's & Children's Center (BAWCC)*.

      BAWCC addresses the needs of low-income families, children, and women and assists them in achieving long-term stability through a variety of services such as classes and workshops.  BAWCC has also implemented community projects that have resulted in the construction of children's playgrounds, a community recreation center, and an elementary school and family center.

      Our efforts are focused on supporting the BAWCC Clothes Closet program, which provides free clothing to women and children in need.  Job-interview wardrobes are also provided through the program.  At our event "Tea for Two," we will be collecting donations* of new and gently-used work, maternity and baby clothes.  Our hope is that this event provides an impetus to do a little spring cleaning, have a little fun, and contribute to a good cause :)

      If you cannot attend the tea but would like to donate*, contributions may also be dropped off at the BAWCC, located in San Francisco .  For more information please see the attached flyer or visit www.teafortwosf.com. More information on BAWCC can be found at www.bawcc.org .

      Tea for Two
      Saturday February 2, 2008
      2pm to 4pm
      Embassy Suites Hotel - 150 Anza Blvd, Burlingame

      $25 per adult
      Children are welcome (there will be a special kids menu available at the event)

      We hope you can come.  Please pass this invitation along to others that might be interested in joining us!

      *BAWCC is a 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt organization (EIN# 94-2722718) and your donation to the Center is tax-deductible to the extent that the donor did not receive anything "of value" from the organization.

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