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For the Love of Life - Coming Together for the Healing of Our World

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  • Hannah Seelig
    For the Love of Life Coming together for the healing of our world Sunday, October 7 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central Marin (RSVP to gwen@gwengordonplay.com and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2007
      For the Love of Life
      Coming together for the healing of our world

      Sunday, October 7
      10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
      Central Marin
      (RSVP to gwen@... and receive directions)

      Enormous pain comes into our awareness every day; civilians blown up
      in Bagdad, genocide in Sudan, polar bears starving. How do we hold so
      much pain without being shattered, shutting down, or going into
      denial? We need sacred safe community space to feel fully the truth
      of what it means to be alive at this time - the beauty and terror -
      and unleash the vast resources of energy, courage, creativity, and
      wisdom needed for the healing of our world.

      You are invited to join Pachamama staff and facilitators of the
      Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums to experience this resource - to
      speak and feel the truth, and turn our love for the world into
      action. The afternoon will be an organic weaving designed for us to
      enter the deep soul and divine play of life as Earth.

      · Meditation - dropping into the stillness as an anchor for our work

      · Facing the world-naming the truth about what's happening

      · The Truth Mandala - A ritual created by Joanna Macy to transform
      despair, grief, anger, and fear into empowerment

      · Taking Action - planning and supporting our next steps alone and

      · Dancing our hearts open - with live music

      $15 suggested donation

      Guided by
      Josephine Doig
      Gwen Gordon

      Gwen Gordon has been designing and facilitating transformative
      workshops for the past 15 years. In addition to a master's degree in
      philosophy and religion and 17 years of Buddhist practice, she has
      received extensive training from Joanna Macy in deep ecology
      practices. Gwen served as the education director for the Institute
      for Deep Ecology for two years and currently teaches transpersonal
      play at JFK university, mastery level coaching at the Coaches
      Training Institute, and is a leader of the CTI leadership program.
      Gwen is a regular substitute dharma teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation
      Center. She leads public dream groups and "spiritual playgrounds for
      serious seekers" in addition to her private coaching practice. For
      more about Gwen please see www.gwengordonplay.com -

      Josephine Doig is a high priestess of the soul. Her career has ranged
      from Environmental Activism to Interactive Media Production to
      Transformational Performing Artist/Poet/Healer. Josephine is trained
      as a Co-Active Life Coach and Relationship Coach through the Coaches
      Training Institute and the Center for Right Relationship. Her healing
      chants, poetry, music, and rituals have been featured in private and
      public concerts and conferences around the Bay Area. She is currently
      exploring the relationship between Indigenous Shamanism and Feminine
      Wisdom. Josephine has studied and practiced Vipasana and Tibetan
      Buddhism for the past 7 years. Her teachers have included Jack
      Kornfield, Lama Tsering Everest, Tsultrim Allione, Tsoknyi Rinpoche,
      and Joanna Macy. Josephine now brings her voice into full service to
      the Earth dedicating her work to the benefit of all beings. For
      contact information, please visit www.reclaimingthesoul.com -

      Upcoming Events:

      Wisdom & The Souls of our Ancestors - November 3, 2007
      Surrender & The Soul of Winter - December 22, 2007

      Please forward to anyone you think may be interested. Thank you, I
      appreciate your support in getting the word out. Blessings and Love,

      Reclaiming the Soul ~ Soul Healing, Co-Active Coaching, Voice

      Are you needing deep and compassionate support as you journey towards
      wholeness? Please call to schedule your private and confidential
      session. Sessions are held in a beautiful studio in Woodacre.

      With gratitude,

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