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Spiritually Connected Singles Mixer in San Jose, Sat. June 10th 7pm to 10pm

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  • Don Drake
    Hello Friends, I m very excited to announce a new event that I m co-facilitating with my good friend Carol Daly. For quite a while we ve been asked about
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2006
      Hello Friends, I'm very excited to announce a new event
      that I'm co-facilitating with my good friend Carol Daly. For quite a
      while we've been asked about having gatherings in the
      southbay/peninsula are and it's finally happening!

      Our event that was held in April, was a great success, we had almost
      70 people, who started the evening as strangers and left as a
      community of friends.

      Here are a couple of comments from April's event:

      "...It was easy for me to feel accepted for whatever was going on in
      me. All of the exercises were new to me which opened up room for new
      good thoughts to come in. I loved being there and want to attend
      future meetings."

      "...By the end of the evening I felt a very warm
      regard for everyone present, let alone the chance to
      trade phone numbers with several potential new lady
      friends. It seemed like the one safe place and time
      for people to open up and say, "Yes, I'd like to meet
      someone new tonight."

      Please let all your single friends know about this event, by
      forwarding this email to them! Thank you for helping to create
      the energy for conscious and aware singles to meet, connect
      and have fun. If you would like to be directly notified on the email
      list for our future events please send request to
      carol@... .

      Here' the info:

      The Spiritually Connected Singles Mixer

      Come and experience a fun and exciting way to meet new friends and
      potential romantic partners. At the Spiritually Connected Singles
      mixer you'll have the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with
      quality people who share a common interest in personal growth,
      spirituality and joyful relating!

      Together We'll create an atmosphere of Love, Trust and Safety as we
      connect with each other through some fun activities that will include
      structured, one on one and small group exercises as well as
      unstructured time for mixing and mingling. All spiritual paths are

      When: Saturday June 10th from 7pm to 10pm.
      Where: Divine Science Community Center
      1540 Hicks Avenue
      San Jose, Ca 95125 (Near Hamilton Ave. and Meridian Ave.)
      Cost: $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

      Please RSVP as soon as possible, we like to know who's coming so we
      can plan the evening!

      To register, make check payable to Carol Daly.
      Mail to Carol Daly, 745 Distel Drive, Suite 112, Los Altos. Ca 94022
      or call Don Drake 415.724.7667( email: dpdrake1@...)
      or Carol Daly 650.969.3167(email: carol@...)

      Light and healthy refreshments will be provided

      About the Facilitators:

      Carol Daly: Founder of Spiritually Connected Singles, a workshop
      leader, relationship coach, hypnotherapist and Rapid Eye Technology
      practitioner. To learn more about Carol and her work visit

      Don Drake: Founder of Exploring Spiritual Partnerships and
      HealingWords.org, a coach, facilitator and catalyst for
      To learn more about Don and his work visit www.healingwords.org
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