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RE: [sfbay-aware] Siva Baba Event in SF 10/1: Cleansing the Unconscious Mind

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  • Stacey Lawson
    Hello Awarians, I ve been told by the event coordinators that several SF Bay Aware people have registered for Siva Baba event tomorrow. I just wanted to
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2005

      Hello Awarians,


      I’ve been told by the event coordinators that several SF Bay Aware people have registered for Siva Baba event tomorrow.  I just wanted to suggest that Awarians meet up in front of the patio (just past the registration desk) prior to the event to find one another. 


      I will be arriving with Siva Baba, so may not be there early, but will be around at the breaks.  I have blond shoulder-length hair and have the job tomorrow of putting the mic on Baba, so you will see me sitting near the front and periodically up on stage.  Look forward to seeing you there!






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      Subject: [sfbay-aware] Siva Baba Event in SF 10/1: Cleansing the Unconscious Mind


      Dear SF Bay Awarians,

      It was great to see several of you at the last event with Siva
      Baba.  He will be holding another intensive event in SF this
      Saturday 10/1 from 11-4 called "Cleansing the Unconscious Mind". 
      Let me know if you plan to attend, and we can meet up prior to the



      (the Guru of Wayne Dyer)

      Cleansing the Unconscious Mind

      Your mind is largely divided into 3 areas - conscious, subconscious,
      and unconscious.

      The conscious mind is the waking state that controls all your
      mundane daily awareness, obligations, and actions. The subconscious
      mind is where unwanted memories, like what you ate for dinner last
      Friday night, are stored. The unconscious mind is really the core of
      your inner being.

      The unconscious mind carries information about your deep desires and
      goals in life. As a matter of fact, everyone ends up living their
      unconscious mind during their lifetime. For instance, if somebody is
      a carpenter, it is because his unconscious mind supports the
      carpenter's consciousness. Not everyone else will be able to relate
      to the carpenter's consciousness but, for the carpenter, it is
      important to express this consciousness in thoughts, words and

      Changing your life – your career, your relationship, your health –
      really means changing your unconscious. Maybe you feel that being a
      carpenter is limiting but you have no clue how you can change it.
      Cleansing the unconscious is a pre-requisite to changing your life.
      Come and learn techniques to go deep inside your unconscious mind.

      Come and participate in this five-hour session and sit in the
      presence of Siva Baba. He will show you techniques on how to go deep
      inside your unconscious mind to change your career, your
      relationships and your health. 
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      San Francisco Event Details:
      Saturday, October 1st, 2005
      11:00 AM -4:00 PM

      Pan Pacific Hotel
      Bella Vista Room - 21st Floor
      500 Mason Street (corner of Post Street)
      San Francisco, CA 94109

      REDUCED FEE: $55 - if paid early, on-line
      REGULAR FEE: $70 - if paid at the door

      Registration:  http://store.yahoo.com/vaaaksounds/heoneaevwisi.html

      For more info: www.sivababa.org

      SIVA BABA -- From the Siddha Tradition of Tamil Nadu, Enlightened
      Master, Siva Baba is the guru who inspired Wayne Dyer's
      bestseller, "Manifest Your Destiny" which is based on Siva
      Baba's "Ah" Meditation. Siva Baba is the first master from his
      tradition to carry these mystical teachings to the people of the
      West. Many people, worldwide, have experienced fast and dramatic
      results from using his simple and effective manifestation techniques
      to manifest their dreams and to transform their lives.

      Listen to a student of Siva Baba's on the `Life without Limitations'
      show -- KEST 1450 AM every Wednesdays
      10:00AM - 11:00AM

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