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DINNER PARTY: Thursday 11/11 at New Ganges Vegetarian, 6:30pm

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    Hey Folks, For this month s second thursday dinner party we ll gobble some yummy Indian cuisine at world-famous New Ganges Restaurant near the southeastern
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
      Hey Folks,

      For this month's second thursday dinner party we'll gobble some yummy Indian
      cuisine at world-famous New Ganges Restaurant near the southeastern corner
      of Golden Gate Park.

      That's thursday, November 11th! I'm now accepting reservations for this

      Come on over for a fun dinner, meet new friends, catch up on gossip with old
      friends. These dinners are a great way for people to see and taste what an
      incredible variety of yummy foods vegans eat. If you can't figure out how
      you could possibly live without eating meat or dairy, or if you think it's
      all about tofu and bean spouts, New Ganges' Veg cuisine will amaze and
      inspire you!

      Please be sure to RSVP to me No Later Than Wednesday, November 10 if you
      want to go... Also, the owner wants to know if you have any specific
      preferences (e.g. no cilantro, no spicyness) so let me know.

      New Ganges Vegetarian, 775 Frederick Street (near Arguello.)

      We'll gather at 6:30pm and eat at 7pm. We will simply order from the menu.
      Family Style. Cost will be split among the participants -- cost is usually
      about $15-$16 each.

      This is an official Bay Area Vegetarians event; see their website at http

      The best way to get there is by public transport, take the N (Judah) muni
      train to Arguello (UCSF, where the tracks kink) and then stroll down the
      hill 2 blocks, cross Arguello and stroll a few doors eastward. For a more
      scenic route the #71 bus thru the Haight street region gets you there.
      Coming by BART just get off at Civic Center and transfer to the N muni train
      outbound. Email me for Caltrain directions or specifics from other parts of

      Looking forward to seeing y'all.

      Dave G.
      ps: Bay Area Vegetarians does other events too. See their event calendar at
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