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Near-Death Experience talk Wed. July 14 at 7 pm in Berkeley

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    Dear SF-Bay Aware Friends, You are invited to attend a talk on near-death experiences, on Wednesday, July 14th from 7:00 - 9:00 PM in Berkeley. This is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2004
      Dear SF-Bay Aware Friends,

      You are invited to attend a talk on near-death experiences, on Wednesday,
      July 14th from 7:00 - 9:00 PM in Berkeley. This is a monthly event which I
      have been attending for over a year, and have immensely enjoyed. New this
      month, we are moving to a new (bigger) location, so all are welcome. The
      meeting announcement is below. If you go, you will no doubt meet me, as we
      begin each meeting with brief introductions and informal sharing.

      Hope to see some of you there!


      The International Association of Near-Death Studies is a non-profit
      organization formed to support NDErs and to promote knowledge and research
      of near-death experiences. You need not consider yourself to be an
      "experiencer" in order to attend the meetings - anyone who is interested in
      the subject is welcome.

      The East Bay-Berkeley group of the International Association for Near-Death
      Studies (IANDS) will meet in a new location (for those who have attended in
      the past) beginning on July 14th. We will be meeting at Unity of Berkeley,
      2075 Eunice St. in Berkeley. This will provide more space for us in a lovely
      North Berkeley location. The time of the monthly meeting will remain the
      same: 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

      Our guest speaker this month will be Roger Steinbronn from San Leandro.
      In his words:

      "Roger Steinbronn died in 1985. During his drowning, moments before his
      physical life ended, he had experiences that had not been covered by the
      Lutheran Catechism of his childhood. Nor did any of the churches that he
      associated with after his childhood mention the actual process of death.
      Nobody did.

      He was amazed, astounded and ecstatic to discover that he would still be
      Roger after his physical body dropped away. He was surprised to learn that
      two unselfish, nearly accidental, acts of kindness had more value than ALL
      he had done in his 30 years of life, including the seven years of missionary
      work he had performed which nearly ended at the church's camp lake. Roger
      learned a lot more than this in his moments of death. He is happy to share
      this knowledge with anyone. And he wants to know about your life
      experiences too.

      Roger Steinbronn lives in San Leandro, CA with his wife and three children.
      He can be reached at 510-303-3029, and info@...."


      From the I-80 Freeway (from either direction):
      Take the UNIVERSITY AVENUE exit east toward the University of California 1.9
      Turn left on SHATTUCK AVENUE 0.6 miles.
      Stay straight to go onto SHATTUCK PLACE .01 miles
      SHATTUCK PLACE becomes HENRY STREET 0.2 miles
      Turn right onto EUNICE STREET.
      UNITY OF BERKELEY is in the first block on the left side of the street.
      There is parking behind the building as well as on the street.

      From the DOWNTOWN BERKELEY BART STATION, take the bus "43 El Cerrito BART"
      which will take you to the corner of Eunice and Henry.

      RSVP appreciated, but not required. Please contact:
      Sandy Wright, Facilitator
      East Bay - Berkeley IANDS
      (510) 841-0677
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