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  • lisa
    hi all~ i just thought i d introduce myself since i haven t yet. i m really interested in this group and have been a part of it for a little while but i think
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2003
      hi all~ i just thought i'd introduce myself since i haven't yet.
      i'm really interested in this group and have been a part of it for a
      little while but i think i've been too shy or something to post
      anything. i really admire many of your creative events and hope to
      get to know some of you better.

      i'm 27 and live in the east bay, teach adolescents with emotional and
      behavioral problems (i finally found my people!! jk...). they're
      very creative and inspirational and i get to laugh hard every day. i
      haven't quite mastered the breaking up fights thing yet but i'm
      working on it. i'm also a poet. favorite poets: celan, stevens,
      alice notely, mei-mei berssenbrugge...

      i've had quite an intense spiritual journey in the last couple
      years. i'm passing into a new 7 year cycle. i'm a pisces II and
      very typically. i've been struggling lately with my over-active
      intuition and awareness of spiritual beings etc. which give some
      people the wrong impression so i keep it to myself mostly. i have
      many premonitions yet they are very out of control. i'm interested
      in meeting some people with similar experiences or who understand how
      to "control" this way of thinking better instead of letting it
      control you, which seems to be happening to me lately. like for
      instance, many of the people who work at my school carry walky-
      talkies and for the past 3 days no one's been able to stand near me
      without it going haywire! it's really embarrassing. i'm sure
      someone feels my pain!!

      in any case, i'm just a normal girl just beginning to come out of my
      shell in a more serious way with spiritual endeavors and you seem
      like the people to connect with!

      i look forward to meeting anyone interested in meeting me!

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