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Exploring Spiritual Partnership: An Evening of Fun, Intimacy and New Connections

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  • Lorenzo
    From: Don Drake Location: Unity Church, Ocean/19th Ave. 2690 Ocean avenue, San Francisco, CA When: Friday, December 20, 7:30pm Phone: (415) 566-4122 A $12
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2002
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      From: Don Drake
      Location: Unity Church, Ocean/19th Ave. 2690 Ocean avenue, San
      Francisco, CA
      When: Friday, December 20, 7:30pm
      Phone: (415) 566-4122
      A $12 donation is requested and no one will be turned away for lack
      of funds.


      Take the Muni M train and walk half a block :

      Exploring and creating spiritual partnership is more a matter of
      uncovering what is already there than it is the creation of
      something new. In the East there is a tradition of greeting one
      another with the word Namaste , which roughly translated means "I
      honor the Divine within you". This is the foundation of spiritual
      partnership, the relationship that we all share with each other and
      the Consciousness we are.

      Hello, my name is Don Drake and I invite you to come and participate
      in a fun and exciting way to meet new friends, potential romantic
      partners and to bring more love into all of your relationships. This
      will be an evening of group and one-on-one conversation and
      activities in an atmosphere of support and compassion designed to
      help us to open our hearts and feel the joy of real connection.

      This will be our 5th event and thanks to your feedback the pace of
      the evening will be informal and relaxed, with a 20 min break in the
      middle to give you plenty of time for refreshments, socializing and
      using the facilities.

      Note the new time, we're starting at 7:30, to give you a little more
      time to get here. And at 10pm. you are welcome to stay and dance
      and/or socialize with some great people! We have 2 large rooms so
      those who want to talk can hang out in one and those who want to
      dance can hang out in the other. This is a good time to exchange
      numbers and e-mails with new friends. If you have any suggestions
      for dance mixes, be sure to e-mail me your suggestions in advance

      This will be a monthly event with the intention of serving the
      greater community of spiritually inclined people. We will also be
      organizing classes on spiritual partnership, group activities and
      parties around the bay area. If you are interested in hosting a mini
      get together or activity or are interesting in being notified of
      future activities and events you can join our Yahoo group by
      clicking on the link below and joining.

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