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3668New Moon Group Flow: Mon., 6/22, 7:15 -8:45 pm

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  • oldmoon1219
    Jun 4 11:04 AM

      The energy around this month's New Moon is especially powerful. This is the time that many of us have waited for a long time, to begin a new phase of life. Let's set up intentions in this powerful time together.

      You are cordially invited to attend New Moon Group Flow. Please see the description below. I look forward to seeing you!


      New Moon Group Flow (in-person & long distance)

      Date: June 22, Monday, 7:15 - 8:45 pm
      Place: Stratford Rd. Kensington, CA
      Fee: $25
      For more info., visit: www.luminaconnections.com or call (510) 418-2955

      ** Please RSVP or register at least 2 days in advance, since the energy starts working before the session.

      New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle. This is the time of renewal of energy, reconstruction, and the conception of hope. It is a powerful time to set the energy for making a shift in your life and manifesting your heart desire. Amana opens and holds an energy field that is beyond time and space, where your guides work on individually in your desired area of focus.

      The New Moon Group Flow is designed to strengthen your connection with your Soul and bring the higher energy of flow, alignment and connection to your focus/intention for the session. you can bring anything that you would like to let it go and/or manifest, such as business projects, business projects, relationship desires, physical concerns etc. Whether you join it in person or remotely, the effect of the work is almost the same.

      About Amana Oh, Ph.D., CHT

      Amana, a spiritual healer, meditation teacher and certified hypnotherapist, has been practicing multi-dimensional Light work for over 17 years, Reiki Master since 1992. In her multi-dimensional energywork sessions, she works with her guides of Light, as well as many other beings of Light. She has been committed to learning and using the most advanced skills of exploration of consciousness and higher dimensions based on Light Body.Ê