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3667Crazy Child Writing Workshop in Oakland 6/20

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  • Jacqueline Lasahn
    Jun 3, 2009
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      Meets Saturday, June 20, 10am to 5pm, in Oakland's Temescal district. We'll establish an inviting atmosphere where even the shyest beginning writers can flourish and feel proud of what they accomplish. I expect, as usual, eight or ten people, much exciting writing, and fun to boot. Fee: $80 (no one will be turned away for lack of funds).

      This workshop will help you get started on creative writing of any sort - poems, stories, personal essays, plays, novels. The history and underpinnings of what we do is spelled out in Let the Crazy Child Write! (New World Library, 1998) or, briefly, in "Preface" and "Chapter One" at the website http://matsonpoet.com.

      We recognize three voices in the writer's psyche: "Editor," "Writer,"  and "Crazy Child" - or creative unconscious. The Editor is the "should " voice, as in you should write everything perfectly the first time, you should make money with your writing, you should make no spelling errors. The Writer organizes your writing life, finds blank paper and pens that work, makes time to sit at the computer or go to a coffeehouse with your notebook. The Crazy Child is the urge to write, that itch in your psyche or body that wants to get out into the world. We'll tell the Editor and Writer to take a walk and let your Crazy Child write whatever it wants.

      Our Writers and Editors may be fine at their jobs, but they often get involved too early in our writing. By letting the Crazy Child write whatever it wants, we'll produce energetic and enlightening rough drafts. These drafts will display our strengths, our passion and our most deeply held beliefs, and they are usually strongly stated. When we repeat your most vivid lines back to you, you'll discover that you are doing at least one or two things very well. You'll find your Crazy Child is smarter and far better organized than the Editor and Writer might think.

      Any questions? Or you'd like to register, and need directions? Phone 510-654-6495, late afternoon is best, or email clive@....

      Clive Matson

      472 44th Street
      Oakland, CA 94609
      510-508-5149 cell