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3660Good Man Seeks Sacred Sanctuary In Berkeley or Oakland

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  • sri odom
    May 1, 1939
      Two pieces of relevant information to spare some folks the effort of reading this:

      ***I need a place for my two magical, female, highly socialized and friendly indoor/outdoor cats as well...they are a delight and never ever pee where they are not supposed to!  They love playmates and get on well with other animals.

      ***Am looking to move circa July 1, can be flexible for the perfect spot.  

      Greetings!  I am a heart centered and highly spiritualized being, a 38 year old man and beginning grad student at CIIS, and a recent transplant from the north coast. I am interested in being part of a home with people who are interested in forming some kind of sense of community and family together--where folks care about one another and are willing to share of themselves. I am not a party-er, although I deeply appreciate a flow of beautiful friends and family coming through my home and need to live in a place where the odd guest or two for a day or few will be most welcome by all. I am not into TV in common areas except for the odd movie. I am mostly fairly quiet, although I do like to play my guitar, drum, or didjeridoo and sing my heart out from time to time. I am friendly, respectful, and thrive on clear communication--I am an avid believer and adherant to the principles of NVC. I am a meditator and a devotee, a dancer and a hearth keeper. I am ever rocked by the beauty and goodness of people, and each and every person I meet is someone I do my best to love and serve. 

      About My Yet to Be Manifested Room: 
      It is a master bedroom or suite, or at least a very spacious bedroom. It has lots of windows and natural light, and does not have any mold or mildew issues whatsoever. I don't need my own bathroom. Can pay $1000 or a little more for the perfect room... 

      About My Yet to Be Manifested Home: 
      It is a beautiful place that is charming or extraordinary in some unique way. There is something park or garden-like about it. It is a sanctuary with a natural protected feeling to it. It is either A) Not so high in the hills that being bike and public transportation oriented is impractical, or B) So crazy bad-ass beautiful and park like and wondrous that I don't mind using my car everyday to live there. It is full of people who don't use lots of chemical cleaners as I am very chemically sensitive. The heater is kept on during the winter because putting on a hat and two sweaters in the house just doesn't work so well for me. The house is in Berkeley or Oakland 

      If there is a hot tub that is a super bonus!! 

      If you feel a resonance with what i've offered here please get in touch... 
      Even if you don't have a house and are searching and would like to join forces in creating one...

      Feel free to call 707 498 3488 or email me at ammabhakti@...

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