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Feb 20, 2013

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dazhong zhang
Jun 22, 2012

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xichen li
Jul 20, 2011

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xichen li
Jul 15, 2011

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Yajun An
Jul 6, 2011

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Yajun An
Jun 30, 2011

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Fw: [chutian] 湖北晚会 ... From: Yajun An Subject: Fw: [chutian] 湖北晚会 To: hbhm2000@... Date: Sunday, February 27, 2011, 5:24 AM ... From: Huang,

Yajun An
Feb 27, 2011
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Today's game is cancelled Because of the bad weather and muddy field, we have to cancel today's game and see you next Saturday at 2:00PM Yajun ... From: N. Tsui

Yajun An
Jan 2, 2011

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soccer game Hyde field Friday (12/31) 2:00PM This Friday is a good day, let us welcome the coming 2011 by enjoying the last game of 2010. If Sunday is OK , we will have another game on Sunday 2:00PM too.

Yajun An
Dec 27, 2010

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Soccer gate changed to tomorrow 2:00PM Hi Guys, We move today's game to tomorrow afternoon 2:00PM since it is rainy today. Location : Hyde field. Happy holidays! Yajun

Yajun An
Dec 25, 2010

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Soccer game:Friday(Dec 24th)2PM Friday Hyde Middle School. ... From: Lei Cao Subject: Re: [MPM-Soccer-Team] Soccer cleat left in field last sat To: MPM-Soccer-Team-list@... Date: Wednesday,

Yajun An
Dec 22, 2010

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today 2pm soccer game Hyde field Hi Guys, I just came back from Cupertino and passed by Hyde field, the weather and field are OK for us to have a game, it was only very little shower this

Yajun An
Dec 18, 2010

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Re: Our new soccer goals Pig heads, The field is perfect. Yajun Sent from Chun's iPhone

Chun Han
Dec 4, 2010

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Re: convention for checking email and weather in weekend. I am the poor guy who missed the game. Just forgot to check the email, damn! Dongfeng

Dongfeng Wang
Nov 28, 2010

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convention for checking email and weather in weekend. Some players missed this Sunday's game.  Let's make some convention for the rainy season. *  When there is or going to rain on Saturday, check email in the

Danny Su
Nov 28, 2010
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