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830convention for checking email and weather in weekend.

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  • Danny Su
    Nov 28, 2010
      Some players missed this Sunday's game.  Let's make some convention for the rainy season.

      *  When there is or going to rain on Saturday, check email in the morning.
      *  accuweather.com is very accurate.  It also has hourly forecast.  I use it every week and day, very helpful.
      *  If Saturday afternoon rain and Sunday no rain, very likely we will play on Sunday.
      *  If both days rain and Saturday forecast occasional rain, we will still play, and turn-out in last rainy saturday was good.

      Who works near redwood city?  Monday 11/29 12pm will be barcelona vs real Madrid.  I would like to watch in a sports bar.  Give me a call if you like to go with me and do some yelling.  408-857-4331.

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