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Khaan Mckennai - A Theropod Dinosaur of the Cretaceous

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  • Neal Robbins
        This link has artwork that depicts Khaan Mckennai. http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=Khaan+McKennai     A fossil photo is on this link.
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          This link has artwork that depicts Khaan Mckennai.
          A fossil photo is on this link.
          Khaan mckennai was a theropod dinosaur of the Cretaceous. The systematic paleontology of it is:
      Dinosauria Owen 1842
      Saurischia Seeley 1887
      Theropoda Marsh 1881
      Oviraptorosauria Barsbold 1976
      Oviraptoridae Barsbold 1976
      Oviraptorinae Barsbold 1981
      Khaan Clark, Norell, and Barsbold 2001
      Khaan mckennai Clark, Norell, and Barsbold 2001
          The holotype (IGM 100/1127) and a referred specimen (IGM 100/1002) are skeletons. These fossil specimens were found in the Djadokhta Formation at the Ukhaa Tolgod locality in Mongolia (Omnogov, Aimak). They were unearthed in strata dating to a Campanian-Maastrichtian span (83.5 - 65.5 million years ago). [Note - The source of this information is The Paleobiology Database.]
          A third specimen (IGM 100/973) consists of cranial remains. Khaan mckennai had a length of about 1.2 m. (4 feet).
          Amy M. Balanoff and Mark A. Norell wrote an article titled Osteology of Khaan Mckennai. It was published in 2012 in the Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, Number 372: 1-77. This quote from the abstract says:
          The monophyly of Oviraptoridae, a group of theropod dinosaurs, which share a uniquely bizarre morphology, has never been called into question, due in large part to their unusual complex of characters. Despite a vivid recent history of discovery and broad public appeal the nature of their morphological diversity has not yet been explored extensively. Many previous descriptions of oviraptorid taxa are lost in the obscurity of hard-to-find journals, and many lack illustrations of what are now important characters. The primary goal of this paper is to provide a relatively comprehensive descriptive morphology and illustrations for one member of Oviraptoridae, namely Khaan mckennai, with an emphasis on characters that can be used to establish a phylogenetic hypothesis for the taxon and group as a whole. K. mckennai is a small-bodied, crestless oviraptorid that is known from pristine material that has been collected from the late Cretaceous sediments of Mongolia. Similar to other oviraptorids, it shares a wide number of features in common with extant birds. However, when these characters are put in the context of Oviraptorosauria, including relatively new, more basal forms like Incisivosaurus gauthieri and Caudipteryyx zoui, character states such as extreme pneumatization of the skull or the reduction in the number of caudal vertebrae are found to be either homoplastic for the two groups or plesiomorphic for a more inclusive clade. 
          This link has the abstract. There is a caption which says View/Open. Clicking on it will open up a window with the complete text. Fossil photos are included.
          Neal Robbins
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