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6265Blanus strauchi - A Living Relative of Blanosaurus

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  • Neal Robbins
    Nov 22, 2013
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          This link has photos of Blanus strauchi.
          Blanus strauchi is a living relative of the Eocene lizard Blanosaurus primeocaenus. Both are in the suborder Amphisbaenia and the family Blanidae.
          Blanus strauchi is often called the Anatolian Worm Lizard. Like other members of Amphisbaenia, it is legless and has a worm-like appearance. Blanus strauchi is found in Turkey, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Lebanon.
          Blanus strauchi has a fossorial lifestyle. It frequently resides in sandy soils and spends a considerable amount of time underground. Blanus strauchi feeds on insects. The female lays a clutch of 1-2 eggs.
          Blanus strauchi is 20-30 cm. (7.9-11.8 inches) in length. The coloration of Blanus strauchi is pink, mauve-white, or light gray. Adults are pinkish-brown on their dorsal portion. However, juveniles are pink or mauve. Like other amphisbaenians, Blanus strauchi has a substantially reduced lung. The reference for this information is this publication:
      http://www.cyberlizard.plus,com/ CYBERLIZARD'S HOME PAGE - Blanus strauchi
          These publications are references:
      IUCN Red List. 2013 - Blanus strauchi
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          Neal Robbins