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6250Re: [seymouria] Gargoylesaurus - An Ankylosaurian Dinosaur of the Jurassic

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  • Tom Johnson
    Nov 19, 2013
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      Neat Neal. I always liked the Ankylosaur. They were kind of different, but neat.

      A sad day in Seymour yesterday. I was doing some work with a drill outside. I noticed an adult cogwheel bug on the sidewalk and my dog was eyeing it. My dog eats every bug it sees. I shooed the wheel bug away before my dog snapped it up. I also noticed a baby cogwheel bug on the wall where I was working, but figured it was out of the way of my bug-eating dog. Unfortunately, it must have got on my drill, and when I laid it down, it was crushed. Darn. I've been seeing a number of baby cogwheel bugs lately, so there must have been a  recent hatch. I just hate that I accidentally killed one of the babies.

      On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 12:42 PM, Neal Robbins <ctn47496@...> wrote:

          This link has a photo of a sculpture of Gargoylesaurus.
          A fossil photo is on this link.
          Gargoylesaurus was a dinosaur of the Jurassic. The systematic paleontology of it is:
      Dinosauria Owen 1842
      Saurischia Seeley 1887
      Ankylosauria Osborn 1923
      Nodosauridae Marsh 1890
      Polacanthinae Wieland 1911
      Gargoylesaurus Carpenter et al. 1998
      Gargoylesaurus parkpinorum Carpenter et al. 1998
          Gargoylesaurus was 3-4 m. (9.8-13 feet) long. Its skull was about 29 cm. (11 inches) in length. The holotype consists of a skull and some postcranial remains. Two other skeletons of it have also been discovered. Remains of this dinosaur were found in the Morrison Formation at Bone Cabin Quarry West Locality in Albany County, Wyoming. They were unearthed in strata to a Kimmeridgian-Tithonian span. The reference for this information is this publication:
      Kenneth Carpenter, C. Miles, and K. Cloward. 1998. "Skull of a Jurassic ankylosaur (Dinosauria). Nature 393: 782-783. 
          Kenneth Campbell, Tony DiCroce, Billy Kinneer, Robert Simon wrote an article titled Pelvis of Gargoylesaurus (Dinosauria: Ankylosauria) and the Origin and Evolution of the Ankylosaur Pelvis. It was published in 2013 in PLoS ONE 8(11). The complete text is on this link.
          Neal Robbins

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