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267Chris Lydon Speaks of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Weblogs

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  • dave@userland.com
    Jul 1, 2003
      DaveNet essay, "Chris Lydon Speaks of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Weblogs", released on 7/1/2003; 6:06:15 PM Eastern.

      ***Audio blogging

      From time to time I open DaveNet to a guest columnist whose writing inspires me, whose inspiration I wish to share, as far and wide as possible. Today's guest piece was spoken, not written, by Christopher Lydon, a very good friend, and fellow fellow at Berkman Center. Chris, like me, is studying weblogs, a new medium. We're trying to figure out what they are and what they mean.

      Chris is a former New York Times reporter, television news anchor, candidate for mayor of Boston, and host of The Connection on National Public Radio. Chris's show was much like a weblog. He has a golden voice and deep ideas. He recently wrote a piece about Ralph Waldo Emerson and weblogs, and as I read it, I had a flash -- I could hear Chris speaking it. I asked him to record it, and with the help of Bob Doyle, it's now on the Web in MP3 format.

      If you can clear five minutes, click on the link below and listen. It's literate, interesting, even revolutionary.


      This, my friends, is what audio blogging sounds like.

      Dave Winer

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