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Sex, blokes and vasectomies - leg-crossing kiwi research

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    January 2007 Sex, blokes and vasectomies - leg-crossing kiwi research 2:40PM Tuesday January 16, 2007 By Colin Marshall ... An Auckland University researcher
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      January 2007

      Sex, blokes and vasectomies - leg-crossing kiwi research

      2:40PM Tuesday January 16, 2007
      By Colin Marshall

      >> Have you considered a vasectomy? Tell us your story.

      An Auckland University researcher wants to know why more men in New Zealand are having vasectomies than just about anywhere else in the world.

      At 18 per cent of all men, 25 per cent of all married men, and a leg-crossing 55 per cent of 40-49 year-olds, New Zealand's vasectomy rate towers above places such as the United States, where just 7 per cent of men have gone under the knife.

      Auckland PhD psychology student Gareth Terry now wants to talk to some of those New Zealand men and find out what prompted them to go under the knife.

      Mr Terry said he was curious as to why, given the good Kiwi bloke stereotype, so many were willing to be sterilised.

      "The traditional blokey bloke is not interested in stuff that's related to reproduction, children, all that sort of thing, but yet we seem to have this quite high rate, so I'm very keen to tap into that a little bit more and see how much of that traditional idea is a myth," he said.

      It had been suggested that the high vasectomy rate was because New Zealand men were under the thumb from female companions.

      "That's certainly something that's come up a bit, particularly when I talk about it with wives and girlfriends.

      "We were one of the first countries in the world for women to get the vote, and things like that. Women are quite strong in New Zealand.

      "I imagine that could play a part in it -- I don't know whether that means (men) are under the thumb."

      It had also been suggested New Zealand men, after having children, were keen to take a turn at responsibility for contraception, and also to care for their partner.

      Very few men were having vasectomies without having children first but Mr Terry had one interview subject lined up who had undergone a "pre-emptive" operation.

      Mr Terry hopes to interview about 20 men who had had vasectomies, as well as their partners.

      Men willing to be interviewed about their decisions before or after a vasectomy, or those considering a vasectomy, can contact Mr Terry on 09 373 7599 ext 86309 or email g.terry@...

      - NZPA

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