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Re: Clitoris and the security of the Egyptian state.

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  • Chris & Christine
    You are right. I ve forwarded this to the SP list.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 22 7:01 PM
      You are right. I've forwarded this to the SP list.

      On 21/01/2012, at 6:23 AM, Optimizerdc wrote:

      > The cleric is expressing the oppressive nature of many extreme
      > religious males. I strongly disagree that the clitoris is
      > responsible for the political revolutions that are taking place in
      > Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria. Neither genital mutilation nor
      > circumcision can stabilize a nation but democracy, which the
      > progressive nations are opting for. I do not see how Egyptian women
      > can form a clitoris party that can eventually subvert the state.
      > --- In sexualparadox@yahoogroups.com, SP News <SPNews@...> wrote:
      >> Clitoris and the security of the Egyptian state.
      >> Sunday, August 12, 2007
      >> Al-Arabiya TV yesterday hosted a book burner (Al-Azhar cleric) to
      >> speak about FGM.
      >> He said that the clitoris (if not "taken care of") can pose a threat
      >> to "the human being, society, and the state."
      >> http://angryarab.blogspot.com/2007/08/clitoris-and-security-of-
      >> egyptian-state.html
      >> Comment:
      >> Although it is not supported by scientific study the Shaikh ment to
      >> say that women whose clitoris is intact tend to have more sexual
      >> urge.
      >> There is a believe in the Arab and Islamic world that Western women
      >> couldn't restrain themselves from having a fuck and most of the time
      >> start fucking at a very early age.
      >> Comment:
      >> God gave women orgasms for a reason. Once again, men are playing god
      >> and trying to destroy what belongs to someone else. They will surely
      >> pay for their actions.
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