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Saudi sex TV producer spared lash

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    26 October 2009 Saudi sex TV producer spared lash The Saudi king has waived a sentence of flogging on a female journalist working for a TV channel which aired
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      26 October 2009

      Saudi sex TV producer spared lash

      The Saudi king has waived a sentence of flogging on a female journalist working for a TV channel which aired graphic accounts of sex in the kingdom.

      King Abdullah cancelled the sentence of 60 lashes against Rozanna al-Yami, after being briefed on the case.

      The programme broadcast by Saudi-owned Lebanese channel LBC caused a huge scandal in the conservative kingdom.

      Three men who bragged about their sexual adventures in the show, as well as the cameraman, have been jailed.

      No reason has been given for the king's decision. It is the second time he has intervened in a high-profile flogging sentence in two years.

      The original programme was part of a series called Red Lines, examining taboos in the Arab world, including extra-marital sex in Saudi Arabia.

      Mazen Abdul Jawad provoked outrage by describing his techniques for meeting and having sex with Saudi women.

      He has apologised and claimed LBC tricked him, but he was jailed for five years and sentenced to 1,000 lashes.

      Three of his friends who appeared on the show got two years each and the cameraman was jailed for two months.

      The station's offices in Saudi Arabia were closed down and two of its producers - both female - put on trial.

      LBC has made no comment about the cases.

      Rozana al-Yami : Female Saudi Arabian Journalist Sentenced to 60 Lashes After Adult Affair Show Airs

      Barbaric: Journalist Rozana Al Yami to be given 60 lashes simply for working at a satellite TV network....

      A 22-year-old journalist, Rozana al-Yami, has been sentenced to receive 60 lashes by a Saudi court after a TV show current affairs adult affair sex scandal.

      Journalist Rozana al-Yami was apparently being punished because she was an employee of a Middle East TV network that aired a TV show where a Saudi Arabian man confessed to extra marital affairs.

      The program made by Lebanese TV network LBC created a massive scandal in the super conservative Saudi Arabia and Rozana al-Yami was one of two female journalists arrested after the Saudi authorities intervened in the bizarre saga.

      The man at the centre of the scandal, Saudi man Mazen Abdul Jawad, described in the Lebanese Broadcasting Corp show how he had picked up numerous Saudi woman and had adult affairs with them, and has since been jailed and also received 1000 lashes.

      Details of Rozana al-Yami's connection with the saga are not really clear, although some reports said the court accused Rozana al-Yami for simply doing her job by helping prepare the show and promote it on the Internet.

      The TV show Rozana al-Yami is set to be punished over was part of a current affairs style investigative series called Red Lines, produced by the LBC network. Red Lines was intended to discuss subjects seen as highly taboo in the conservative Arabian Kingdom, including unmarried love relationships, which are stickily forbidden.

      The program Rozana Al Yami was said to have been involved in was not however seen as that outlandish in the rest of the Islamic world, but under Saudi Arabia's Sharia court system Rozana Al Yami's minor involvement in the network is somehow seen as a crime and one punishable in such a harsh and inhumane way.

      International outcry and disgust over the Rozana Al Yami news is set to be loud and clear.

      The offices of LBC TV where Rozana al-Yami worked were shut down by the Saudi government and both Rozana al-Yami and another female journalist were put on trial.

      The court in Jeddah, Suadi Arabia Saturday reportedly convicted Rozana al-Yami on the notion that grounds that the TV network she worked had no official authorisation to operate in Saudi Arabia, despite the network being part-owned by multi billionaire Saudi media mogul Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

      Speaking to media after her sentencing, Rozana al-Yami said her 60 lashes was not just for her put for the entire LBC network.

      "It's a punishment for all journalists through me," Rozana al-Yami said

      "They just said the channel was illegal. But the Saudi minister of information himself appeared on LBC a couple of weeks ago," a shocked Rozana al-Yami stated.

      It was also reported that Rozana al-Yami would not appeal her sentencing as she feared she could end up with a harsher sentencing if she did so.

      "In the end this is the verdict and I accept it. I don't want to appeal," Rosana al-Yami said.

      LBC, a satellite channel, is very popular in Saudi Arabia for the networks Western-style entertainment shows, talk shows and dramas that are seen by many in the Islamic Kingdom as too liberal.

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