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Islam, Insult, Gender and Nature

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  • Chris King
    Thanks Rehan for your helpful contribution, which I appreciate and laud in its effort to pursue peace and understanding However, both in terms of world
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 29, 2007
      Thanks Rehan for your helpful contribution, which I appreciate and
      laud in its effort to pursue peace and understanding

      However, both in terms of world political troubles, involving the
      perceived clash of Islamic and so-called decadent, phobic, or satanic
      'Western' culture; and a host of examples, including the case of the
      British teacher in Sudan; the suppression of women's choice of attire
      in Iran and the prospective whipping of women who protested for their
      political rights; in Saudi Arabia, the refusal to allow women to
      drive, for fear they may then have contact with other males, and the
      prospective lashing of the victim in the gang rape case; continuing
      (predominantly though not exclusively) Muslim honour killings spanning
      Pakistan through Jordan to the UK; the hounding of Taslima Nasrin by
      Indian Muslims and the death threats to Hirshi Ali; repeated attempts
      to stone women in Nigeria for perceived or contrived infidelity;
      continuing pronouncements of violent fatwahs against newspaper editors
      for perceived insults to the prophet; and endless statements of Jihad,
      there is a clear problem for the world with the way Islam, as it is
      practiced by a quarter to a third of the world population is behaving,
      both to its own peoples, particularly its women, and to the world at

      This is a global issue which goes way beyond the chauvinistic politics
      of George Bush, or even the continuing Israel-Palestinian dilemma.

      It cannot be swept under the carpet by calling it Islamophobia, and if
      it is a fear, it is not a phobia, but an astute concern that Islam,
      despite well-intended claims of being a religion of peace, has a
      utopian agenda of world conquest, by dividing the planet between the
      domains of submission and war, in a way which violates all notions of
      a merciful creator of the universe, and in its imposition of divine
      submission, is a fundamental violation of the autonomous ecosystemic
      principles of the natural world.

      You say you would be offended, but turn away and ignore an insult to
      the prophet, e.g. when a teacher respects democracy and allows a class
      to name a bear Muhammad as their favourite name - a name also held by
      one of more of her pupils - but insult itself is the core of the
      problem. Offense at insult is an emotional reaction which exposes the
      defensiveness of an immature vulnerable mortal, or tit-for-tat clan
      retribution. It has no place in any true cosmic religion. Insult
      exists only in so far as mammals experience defensive emotions to
      protect their egos and hence their strategic place as individuals in
      the evolving biosphere.

      Muslims claim their treatment of women is protective, but the Quran
      itself states that in legal and other affairs a woman's endowment and
      evidence is only half the value of a man and states suras clearly
      leading to the occlusion, sequestering and punishment of women on a
      global basis in the Muslim world.

      Arabian patriarchal tribal customs, based on males protecting their
      paternity rights violate the natural world fundamentally, because, for
      all egg-bearing animals - and ALL female animals bear eggs - and
      particularly for mammals, which bear live young, and even more so for
      humans for whom pregnancy and child rearing is massive, the vastly
      greater parental investment of the female means she must have freedom
      of sexual and reproductive choice for the genetic process to remain
      vital and thus the evolution of life itself to proceed to its fruition.

      At the core of the problem is the confusion the prophet himself
      perpetrated in the Quran, between Arabic tribal clan morality, and the
      existing Hebrew idea of an absolute God of covenant and punishment
      acting in history, in a manner which overrules nature and humanity
      alike. Both of these are inherently patriarchal in violation of
      nature, and ultimately pose threats to human viability. They thus need
      to be critically scrutinized for the future survival of our species.

      It is the duty of every sentient being to judge the actions of the
      past and to test the validity of any theory, religion or belief in the
      crucible of nature. We cannot allow insult or the threat of violence
      to become an oppressive force for unification, for the future of the
      diversity of life and the passage of the generations of humanity is at


      --- In sexualparadox@yahoogroups.com, "Mr The Poet" <lonpoetuk@...> wrote:
      > The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK has confirmed it wholly condemns,
      > news obtained from the Foreign Office, that the Sudanese Government
      > has decided to charge Gillian Gibbons from Liverpool in the so called
      > 'Teddy Row'.
      > Press Secretary Abid Khan said: "This was clearly an innocent mistake
      > from a teacher who was trying her utmost to teach the young children
      > under her charge. Such charges, as issued by the Sudanese authorities,
      > are totally
      > unacceptable. We hope and pray that Ms Gibbons is freed as soon as
      > possible and that she comes to no harm at all. Our thoughts are with
      > her family and friends at this worrying time."
      > Further Information: www.alislam.org
      > End of Release
      > ..
      > Much to my dismay, I feel that people want Muslims to condemn this and
      > take to the streets burning flags and shouting at the top of their
      > voices. Which is fair enough. Everybody's entitled to their own
      > prejudices and opinions. But can anyone state just a single verse from
      > the Quran where a punishment has been prescribed for blasphemy or
      > recantation. The subject is broached/raised only 11 times and not once
      > is there a punishment prescribed for it, not once. Moreover, not once
      > did the prophet ever ever kill for blasphemy or recantation, many
      > times he was insulted and spat upon to his face but he just turned a
      > blind eye to it all. Never did he permit others to do it either. Never
      > once was anyone killed under his four Righteous Caliphs.
      > There is no punishment in Islamic Shariah law for such a ridiculous
      > thing as calling a bear Muhammad which is the name of the Prophet of
      > Islam. Personally I'd be offended but then turn away and ignore it
      > which is what the prophet himself would doubtless have done. As far as
      > I remember Queen Victoria had a cat called Fatima (who happened to be
      > the prophet's only surviving daughter and who carried on his lineage)
      > but there was no Bush-Blair government at the time to milk it in the
      > way the media is doing.
      > This smacks to me of British-American pro-Islamophobification of the
      > mass (and dare I say largely ignorant) public and I wonder how much
      > this lady has been paid for all this. Be done with it! 'O gape,
      > enunciate, hawk up gobfuls!'
      > If Christianity or Islam has corrupted beyond imagination now that is
      > the fault of their adherents not that of the religions themselves or
      > their holy founders.
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