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10 Ways to Support Sex-Positive Journalism

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  • Miriam Axel-Lute
    10 Ways to Support Sex-Positive Journalism One month to Sexies entry deadline: now s the time to show the love! For immediate release: February 21, 2008 For
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      10 Ways to Support Sex-Positive Journalism
      One month to Sexies entry deadline: now's the time to show the love!

      For immediate release: February 21, 2008
      For more information: www.sexies.org

      Friends of sex-positive journalism everywhere hailed the launch of the
      first ever Sex-Positive Journalism Awards last fall. Now, as the March
      23rd deadline for entries approaches, the Sexies board would like to
      remind all you wonderful sex-positive readers and writers that we
      can't do it alone. The awards need to raise another $5,000 to cover
      their budget and properly award the winners, and we need more entries
      from mainstream sources (www.sexies.org/submit.php: it's free to
      submit entries, and readers can submit as well as writers).

      "The entries, the encouragement, and the enthusiasm we've received
      tells me that the time was ripe for this award," says co-founder
      journalist Miriam Axel-Lute. "But the fact that sex-positive
      journalism is so rare means we need the help of all of you readers out
      there to help us turn up those gems of good, objective, sex-positive
      reporting--especially in mainstream sources--and then to help us be
      able to afford to get the word out about them."

      The Sexies were launched by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom,
      the Center for Sex and Culture, Babeland, and Miriam Axel-Lute to
      promote fair, accurate, and non-sensationalized coverage of sexual
      topics. The awards are currently accepting entries that meet both high
      journalistic standards and the Sexies awards criteria

      Here are 10 ways to support sex-positive journalism and the Sexies:

      1. Give money! The Sexies are a labor of love. But love doesn't pay
      the bills. If you can give $100, $50, or $25, it will help us promote
      the awards, cover our expenses, and honor our winners properly. Donate
      at www.sexies.org/support.html.

      2. Become a corporate sponsor of the Sexies—or connect us with your
      favorite sex-friendly business that might want to become one. E-mail
      info@... for more information.

      3. Submit entries. Yes, readers as well as writers can submit to the
      Sexies. Articles have to have been published in 2007 and meet high
      journalistic standards as well as our sex-positive criteria. Full
      guidelines, criteria, and a submission form are on our website:
      www.sexies.org. We especially need submissions—even ones that were
      merely sex-neutral when everyone else was sex-negative—from mainstream
      daily newspapers!

      4. Mention the Sexies as a resource in a letter to the editor,
      especially our sex-positive journalism criteria
      (www.sexies.org/criteria.html) and resources for journalists
      (www.sexies.org/resources.html). If you've always been meaning to
      write in to your local paper about their sex-related coverage, good or
      bad, now's a great time to do it! (And while you're at it, write a
      thank you letter to your favorite sex-pos writer—they're a lonely bunch!)

      5. Ask your favorite sex-positive publications, and your favorite
      mainstream ones as well, to cover the Sexies. We think we're pretty
      unusual and would make a good story!

      6. Tell everyone you know. Blog about the awards, bring us up at
      opportune (or inopportune) times with family and friends and your
      local newspaper editor…

      7. Make us popular. Join our LiveJournal community (sexposjawards),
      friend us on Myspace (www.myspace.com/sexposjournalism), post our site
      on Del.icio.us, Digg us.

      8. Sign up for our announcement list. If you don't do LiveJournal or
      Myspace, sign up for our update mailing list,
      sexies_update@yahoogroups.com, to stay up to speed.

      9. Link to us. Even if you don't want to make a big fanfare, a link
      helps us in search-engine rankings.

      10. Donate airline or Amtrak miles to get our winners to an awards
      ceremony, or to be raffled off for fundraising. You must have enough
      to redeem for a whole ticket. E-mail info@... if you've got a
      chunk to offer.

      And whatever else you do, read skeptically, support sex-positive
      writers wherever they write, and stick up for your right to a
      sex-positive world!

      --The Sexies Board
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