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Input needed!

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  • Gloria Hatcher-secaur
    Gloria Cloteal Hatcher Secaur Needing input, so please respond with ideas, thoughts, concerns, etc... This is something I truly hope to start doing in the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2013
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      Needing input, so please respond with ideas, thoughts, concerns, etc... This is something I truly hope to start doing in the future (next two to three years). However I have people that has sent in some great ideas about some fall events!

      Field trips that would require a possible over night stay, say within a three to four hour drive from Knoxville. It would include both discounted rates to events/attractions and hotel room. I have worked in this type of market for years before becoming a stay at home mom...so yes I know how to book things and get great rates on hotels, however it requires a minim number of rooms (usually at least twenty, though the more the better rate we get), in which I would need to make deposits on up front. I am more than willing to do these type events if I have ...people who truly want to participate. I would need to start working on arrangements within the next month however if we want to do some thing this fall which I am more than will to do if there is enough interest.

      A few questions would be:

      On average how much would you be willing to pay to do these things? (of course cost could vary greatly depending on events/attractions) However my goal would be for a one night stay for a family of four to keep under $150 minus gas & food

      How far are you usually willing to travel to do things? 1-2 hours, 3-4 hours, 5-6 hours, or 7+ hours....

      How many attractions would you like to take in while in a location? 1-2, 3-4, 5+ (each thing we do could possibly up the cost, however if we could do at least two things per one over night stay it would be more cost effective over all)!

      One night trips or weekend/two night trips?

      Yes, I have had a few ask about doing Disney (which would be a bit extreme unless I have over whelming response, however they have great group discounts for homeschoolers during there homeschooling days, and plane tickets can be arranged reasonable as well, so you never know)...however more likely trips especially in the beginning would be Chattanooga....Asheville, NC....Atlanta, GA....Lexington, KY.....Nashville, TN....Charlotte, NC....Huntsville, AL....Stone Mountain, GA just to name a few!!
      Gloria Secaur
      East Tennessee Homeschool Adventures
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