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  • Himaloya Saha
    Apr 1, 2014
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      Dear Sir/Madam,

      These are some of the slogans for the convocation, prepared by me as advised by Chairman sir. Please Leave your valuable comments and any other slogans you might come up with.

      Justice is truth in action, SEU creates those delivering justice.
      Equal justice is a dream and SEU aspires to make it a reality.
      A man's vanity tells him what is honor, a man's conscience what is justice.SEU teaches the difference.
      If it’s learning to fight injustice, Its Department of Law and Justice, SEU you are looking for.
      A law is valuable not because it is law, but because there is right in it.SEU teaches you to enforce such rights.
      Justice without wisdom is impossible.SEU helps in developing both in a person.

      Thank you,
      Himaloya Saha