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  • Stephanie Blaine
    ... Thank you, Jen, but I ve already been given an HP LaserJet 4 that a kind gentle refurbished for me over the weekend; I m going to pick it up Wednesday
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2005
      > Hi Richenda! Your friendly neighborhood lurker here! Just wanted
      > to see if you're interested, I've noticed some printers come up on
      > offer on Freecycle. I'll be more than happy to snag them for you if
      > you'd like! They're both in Hackettstown, one is an HP 820Cse
      > inkjet printer that needs ink cartridges, and the other is an HP
      > 690c color inkjet printer that needs a printer cable and color
      > cartridges. Just give me a shout and I'll reserve one or both if
      > you'd like!
      > Bryn (aka Little Jen)

      Thank you, Jen, but I've already been given an HP LaserJet 4 that a
      kind gentle refurbished for me over the weekend; I'm going to pick it
      up Wednesday evening.

      Thanks for thinking of me, but I definitely can't use the 820Cse
      because I still run Microsoft Office 97. It's known that HP didn't
      make their 820Cse (and other pof their printers) to be compatible with
      M.S. Word 97; it (that particular printer) crashes any computer with
      M.S. Word 97 at a rate of about three times per each 90 seconds. :o

      I can live without a color printer a while longer; the HP 4 will

      Would you believe this:
      Somebody who says I don't know [him?her?], and who says s/he isn't
      SCA, says that s/he "read my posts" [on our List] by googling "Hewlett
      Packard LaserJet II" has spammed me asking if s/he can "get my old HP
      LJ II, after I've repaired it". S/he has the raw nerve to go on to
      tell me that "s/he doesn't want a nonworking printer", and "will sue
      me if I give her/him one ... [that's broken]"?, but that s/he will
      kindly take the printer - if I get it working - off my hands for me!!!

      I gave serious consideration to getting very rude, but I decided that
      it was better to ignore the entire message, and start using SpamPal
      again (after blacklisting that particular email addy).

      I was under the impression that people not on the list couldn't read
      the messages... I guess they can read, but just not reply.

      I have to figure out how he got my email addy to spam me, because it's
      "private". Nobody can (should be albe to) find that particular e-addy.
      It's not the one listed with yahoo, but my own private (business)
      addy. :(

      I wish I was better at understanding how these things work. *sigh*

      ~ Richenda ~
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