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  • Mark M Giese
    A SETH PRIMER by Mark M Giese A guide to Jane Roberts’ Seth Material All Seth/Jane quotes © Robert F. Butts Spring 2006, Racine, WI, US(A) SETH. In
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      by Mark M Giese

      A guide to Jane Roberts’ Seth Material

      All Seth/Jane quotes © Robert F. Butts

      Spring 2006, Racine, WI, US(A)

      SETH. In simplistic terms, a dead guy (though he referred to himself as
      "an energy
      personality essence no longer focused in physical reality") "channeled"
      by the late Jane
      Roberts who made seemingly outlandish statements like:

      You create your own reality.

      There are no boundaries to the self.

      You are multidimensional beings existing in more than one reality at

      Any question you can ask about God could just as well be asked about the

      You're as dead now as you'll ever be.

      All time is simultaneous.

      All religions are distortive, for that matter so is much of science.

      The theory of evolution is as much a fairy tale as the Biblical creation

      Ideas are more important than genes.

      You can change your past and actually do so all the time.

      The present is the point of power.

      Violence is never justified.

      Violations: Murder, rape, overpopulation, human-caused extinctions, etc.

      Miracles are merely nature unhampered.

      Humankind's true sexual nature is bisexual.

      "Perhaps when all is said and done [integrity] is my only requirement."

      "You can learn more from watching the animals than you can from any
      preacher, guru,
      or from reading my books."

      "If it's not fun, stop doing it."

      Held a panentheistic, multidimensional idea of God ("All That Is") and
      maintained that
      reincarnation is a reality.


      Occam’s Razor: "Of two competing theories, the simpler theory is to be

      Mark M's Razor: "Of two competing theories, the more astonishing theory
      is to be

      (William of Occam was wrong; things just aren’t that simple!)

      "Your theory is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true." --Niels


      Changing Personal Reality with the Seth Material

      Restoring your health, finding a rewarding job, discovering the meaning
      in your own
      existence--to reach such goals as these is what it means to change your
      reality. The how of doing so and why that's possible are presented in the
      Seth material.
      The Seth material is a system of philosophy and psychology presented by
      the late Jane
      Roberts and her husband Robert Butts beginning in 1963 as a consequence
      of the
      trance communications of an entity named Seth. The origin of the
      material, however, is
      far less significant than its scope, its logical consistency, and the
      validation it receives
      as people read and use its ideas in their lives. During our current
      period of worldwide
      stress and conflicting ideologies, it makes sense of our situation and
      gives hope.

      The main ideas of the Seth material are as follows:

      1. We create our own reality--literally--through the beliefs we hold, and
      can change what we don't like into a more appealing form. Seth says: "The
      living picture
      of the world grows within the mind. The world as it appears to you is
      like a three-
      dimensional painting in which each individual takes a hand. Each color,
      each line that
      appears within it has first been painted within a mind, and only then
      does it materialize
      without. In this case, however, the artists themselves are a portion of
      the painting, and
      appear within it. There is no effect in the exterior world that does not
      spring from an
      inner source. There is no motion that does not first occur within the
      mind." (The Nature
      of Personal Reality, Chap. 1, Session 610)
      Two tips to aid in beneficial reality creation:
      Suggest to yourself: "I will only react to constructive suggestions" and
      "Every day, in
      every way, my life is getting better and better."

      2. We are multidimensional beings who inhabit many realms and who exist
      throughout eternity, developing continually into more creative and
      individuals. Seth: "Your own personality as you know it, that portion of
      you that you
      consider most precious, most uniquely you, will…never be destroyed or
      lost. It is a
      portion of the soul. It will not be gobbled by the soul, nor erased by
      it, nor subjugated
      by it; nor on the other hand can it ever be separated. It is,
      nevertheless, only one aspect
      of your soul....
      "While you go about your daily chores and endeavors, beneath normal
      consciousness you are constantly focused in other realities also,
      reacting to stimuli of
      which your physical conscious self is not aware, perceiving conditions
      through the
      inner senses, and experiencing events that are not even registered within
      the physical
      "After death you are simply aware of these dimensions of activity that
      you now ignore.
      Now, physical existence predominates. Then, it will not. Nor, however,
      will it be lost to
      you; your memories, for example, will be retained. You will simply step
      out of a
      particular framework of reference." (Seth Speaks, Chap. 6, Session 527;
      Chap. 10, Session 539)

      3. The universe is of good intent; evil and destruction do not exist.
      Evidence of the
      seeming evil in the world appears to our senses in order to acquaint us
      with the
      consequences of our beliefs, but we will awaken from this kind of sadness
      in the same
      way as we awaken from a bad dream and become once more aware of the
      beneficence in
      All That Is.
      Seth II, another entity who communicates through Jane, says: "The
      responsibility for
      creation must be clearly understood. To some extent, you are in a
      soundproof and
      isolated room. Hate creates destruction in that 'room,' and until the
      lessons are learned,
      destruction follows destruction....
      "In the terms of other systems, that kind of destruction does not exist
      -- but you believe
      that it does, and the agonies of the dying are sorely felt. A vivid
      nightmare is also sorely
      felt, but quickly over. It is not that you must be taught not to destroy,
      for destruction
      does not actually exist. It is that you must be taught and trained to
      create responsibly.
      Yours is a training system for emerging consciousness.
      "The training will serve you for existence in a variety of interrelated
      systems. If the
      sorrows and agonies within your system were not felt as real, the lessons
      would not be
      learned." (The Seth Material, Chap. 20)

      4. We are in this life to enjoy ourselves--spirit, mind and body. Seth:
      "Your spirit
      joined itself with flesh, and in flesh, to experience a world of
      incredible richness, to help
      create a dimension of reality of colors and of form. Your spirit was born
      in flesh to
      enrich a marvelous area of sense awareness, to feel energy made into
      corporeal form.
      You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body. You
      are here to aid
      in the great expansion of consciousness. You are not here to cry about
      the miseries of
      the human condition, but to change them when you find them not to your
      through the joy, strength and vitality that is within you; to create the
      spirit as faithfully
      and beautifully as you can in flesh." (The Nature of Personal Reality,
      Chap. 2,
      Session 615)

      5. By following our impulses (or at least acknowledging them to see where
      lead), we can discover the purpose of our lives and how to act in such a
      way as to
      benefit both ourselves and the world. Our present personal and societal
      insanities of
      behavior arise from our mistrust and repression of these vital directives
      sent out by our
      inner selves.
      Seth: "Your psychology of the past 50 years has helped create insanities
      by trying to
      reduce the great individual thrust of life that lies within each person,
      to a generalized
      mass of chaotic impulses and chemicals... Genius was seen as a mistake of
      chromosomes, or the fortunate result of a man's hatred for his father.
      The meaning of
      life was reduced to the accidental nature of genes. Science thought in
      terms of averages
      and statistics, and each person was supposed to fit within those realms.
      "To some extent, this also applies to religion in the same time period.
      Churches wanted
      sinners galore, but shied away from saints, or any extravagant behavior
      that did not
      speak of man's duplicity. Suddenly people with paranoidal
      characteristics, as well as
      schizophrenics, emerged from the wall-paper of this slickly styled
      civilization. The
      characteristics of each were duly noted. A person who feels that life has
      no meaning or
      that his or her life in particular has no meaning, would rather be
      pursued than
      "Each person has his [or her) own ideals, and impulses direct those
      ideals naturally into
      their own specific avenues of development--avenues meant to fulfill both
      the individual
      and his society. Impulses provide specifications, methods, meanings,
      definitions. They
      point toward definite avenues of expression, avenues that will provide
      the individual
      with a sense of actualization, natural power, and that will automatically
      feedback, so that the person knows he is impressing his environment for
      the better.
      "Those natural impulses, followed, will automatically lead to political
      and social
      organizations that become both tools for individual development and
      implements for the
      fulfillment of the society." (The Individual and the Nature of Mass
      Events, Chap. 9,
      Sessions 863 & 860)

      6. Each person's conscious mind and his/her intuition are equally
      important to
      his or her well-being.
      Seth: "There has been on the one hand a too-great reliance upon the
      conscious mind--
      while its characteristics and mechanisms were misunderstood--so that
      proponents of
      the 'conscious-reasoning-mind-above-all' theories advocate a use of
      intellect and
      reasoning powers, while not recognizing their source in the inner
      "On the other hand there are those who stress the great value of the
      inner self, the
      emotional being, at the expense of the conscious mind. These theories
      hold that the
      intellect and usual consciousness are far inferior to the inner
      'unconscious' portions of
      being, and that all the answers are hidden from view....
      "Both groups ignore the miraculous unity of the psyche, the fine natural
      that exist between the so-called conscious mind and the so-called
      incredibly rich interaction as each gives and takes." (The Nature of
      Personal Reality,
      Chap. 4, Session 621)

      7. There is only one wrong act a person can perform: violation of either
      him/herself or another being. A violation does not actually imply
      however. The only lesson to be learned is to violate no more.
      Seth: "Thou shalt not violate....
      "An outright lie may or may not be a violation. A sex act may or may not
      be a violation.
      A scientific expedition may or may not be a violation. Not going to
      church on Sunday is
      not a violation. Doing violence to your body or another's is a violation.
      Doing violence to
      the spirit of another is a violation--but…because you are conscious
      beings the
      interpretations are yours. Swearing is not a violation. If you believe
      that it is then in
      your mind it becomes one.
      "Killing another human being is a violation. Killing while protecting
      your own body from
      death at the hands of another through immediate contact is a violation.
      Whether or not
      any justification seems apparent, the violation exists." (The Nature of
      Personal Reality,
      Chap. 8, Session 634)

      8. There is no authority superior to the guidance of a person’s inner
      self. Seth's
      words are merely an attempt to present us with the knowledge that we
      when it comes from our own psyches.
      Seth: "Now there are people who are quite involved with my ideas who do
      not know my
      name... These people recognize the vitality of their existences. They
      ignore the belief
      systems of their times. They are ancient children. They may not read
      philosophy, but
      they listen to the wind. They watch the behavior of the seasons....
      "They do not need to listen to my voice because they listen to the voices
      of the oak trees-
      and the birds, and to the voices of their own beings. I am a poor
      imitation of the voices
      of your own psyches to which you do not listen. I will be unneeded, and
      gladly so, when
      you realize that the vitality and reinforcement and joy are your own, and
      rise from the
      fountain of your own beings; when you realize that you do not need me for
      for there is nothing you need protect yourself against." (Psychic
      Politics, Chap. 27)

      9. The soul or psyche is not just male or female, it is both. This is the
      basis for
      sexuality and gender equality.

      Suggested reading for people who wish to learn more about the Seth

      Jane Roberts, The Seth Material Prentice-Hall, 1970; Bantam paperback,
      1976. This is
      an account of how Seth first appeared in Jane and Rob's lives, their
      doubts, self-
      questionings, and tests of him. Excerpts from his early sessions with
      them help explain
      what they are going through and sketch the outlines of the world view he
      is shortly to
      present more fully.
      ______, Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Prentice-Hall,
      1972; Bantam
      paperback, 1974. This is the first, full-scale "Seth" book, in which he
      describes the
      multidimensional nature of the human personality, with its untapped
      resources, its
      range in time and space, and its connections with all aspects of the
      _____ The Education of Oversoul Seven, a Novel, Prentice-Hall, 1973;
      Pocket Books
      paperback, 1976. This novel was written by Jane in a state of altered
      Seth's concept of the time- and space-free human personality is developed
      in a lively,
      entertaining story.
      _____ The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book, Prentice-Hall, 1974;
      paperback, 1977. This is a handbook of explanations and techniques for
      applying the
      concept of the time- and space-free human personality to whatever
      difficulties we may
      find ourselves surrounded with.
      Sue Watkins, Conversations with Seth: The Story of Jane Roberts's ESP
      Class, 2 vols.,
      Prentice-Hall, 1980 & 1981. This is a narrative of the ESP Class held by
      Jane in her
      home each week from 1967 to 1975, with extensive and lively dialogues
      between Seth
      and class members. Illustrated by class member George Rhoads.

      This 9-point summary has been produced by:

      Maude Cardwell/THE AUSTIN (TX) SETH CENTER [defunct] and Mark M Giese

      On the origin of the sessions

      Jane hoped to become known as a writer of science fiction. But then the
      Seth material
      happened. ("Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans"
      –John Lennon)
      She completed a novel and asked Rob what she should next do for a book.
      He joked
      about maybe one on ESP.
      They borrowed a Ouija board, and after first getting gibberish, were
      initially contacted
      by a Frank Withers. After some sessions of that, there was suddenly a
      (paraphrase), "Please don't call me Frank anymore; you can call me Seth."
      Frank was a "fragment personality" of Seth's and Seth the "oversoul" or
      "entity" of a
      completed reincarnational cycle of lives.

      NOTE: Beware of other "Seths." Seth insisted he would speak only through
      Roberts (1929-1984) in order to preserve the integrity of the material.
      There are other
      people claiming to speak for Seth but often their Seth’s message differs
      from Jane’s.
      Seth/Jane said Jane and Rob were the only two people on the planet he had
      reincarnational/psychic ties to (an aid to good channeling) and that this
      is/was their
      "last life" here.
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