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ZapThink ZapForum Webcast: Registries! Repositories! SOA Governance! Hype or Mandatory?

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  • Ron Schmelzer
    Hi Service-Orientated Architecture Yahoo Group Folks-- ZapThink is running another free webcast that I m sure will interest you. Last time, we had over 300
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2005
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      Hi Service-Orientated Architecture Yahoo Group Folks--

      ZapThink is running another free webcast that I'm sure will interest
      you. Last time, we had over 300 people register for our last ZapForum on
      the Great Debate between ESBs and Fabrics. This time, we're holding our
      ZapForum Webcast on the topic of Registries, Repositories, and SOA
      Governance, and we hope to have you all there.

      We'd love to have you all on and get your thoughtful commentary and
      questions. Just register for free at http://www.zapthink.com/zapforum.html.



      Wednesday, June 8, 2005
      10:00 PT / 13:00 ET
      Theme: "End-to-End Metadata Management - Registries, Repositories, and

      Don't just sit back and listen - participate in ZapThink's ZapForum
      Webcast and engage in a discussion on how to achieve real Service reuse!

      * Listen to ZapThink analysts Jason Bloomberg and Ronald Schmelzer talk
      about how registries are key to making loosely-coupled SOAs work, and
      provide the necessary infrastructure for SOA governance. Why is metadata
      management becoming the must-have for SOA implementations?

      * Guest Expert: Miko Matsumura, VP Marketing, Infravio
      Miko will explain how registries, metadata management, and
      metadata-first development are enabling SOA solutions today, and will
      show how to promote the use and re-use of your Web Services while you
      manage Providers, Consumers, and their relationships using Web Services
      Delivery Contracts.

      * Guest Expert: Brent Carlson, CTO, Logic Library
      Brent Carlson will explain how to leverage Service and software
      development assets across the enterprise to enable SOA. Hear Brent
      explain how to use metadata and asset management to improve
      collaboration, decrease software development lifecycles, and increase
      business analyst and programmer productivity.

      * You Participate!
      Call in with your SOA and Web Services-related questions. Talk to the
      Guest Experts. Quiz the ZapThink Analysts. Communicate with your peers -
      and learn how to make SOA happen!

      Register today at http://www.zapthink.com/zapforum.html to participate!

      ++++ WE WANT YOUR QUESTIONS! +++

      # Have burning questions you want answered on the Webcast?
      # Can't attend, but still want to get your opinions or questions addressed?

      We want your questions! Send them to us via email at info@...!

      Attend and get a chance to win a 19" LCD Monitor, courtesy of Infravio
      and LogicLibrary
      You must be present at the end of Webcast to be eligible to win this prize!

      See you all there - register at http://www.zapthink.com/zapforum.html to


      Ronald Schmelzer
      Senior Analyst
      ZapThink LLC
      Direct: 781-577-2779 / Main: 781-207-0203
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