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Re: [service-orientated-architecture] Roch on SOA Governance

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  • Álvaro Vilaplana García
    Hi, The webminar is not available anymore. ... -- ______________________________ Álvaro Vilaplana García Hi,  The webminar is not available anymore. El 23
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 23, 2012

      The webminar is not available anymore.

      El 23 de marzo de 2012 10:33, Gervas Douglas <gervas.douglas@...> escribió:

       <<Even after engaging in years of SOA efforts, many companies still suffer from SOA governance problems including funding issues, process inefficiencies, and operational problems. 

      Too many companies look to software to solve their SOA governance issues when SOA governance is more about people and process than technology. 

      I am presenting a webinar on the 10 steps to improved SOA governance including: 

      1. Align SOA projects with business goals 
      2. Develop a collaborative organization for SOA governance 
      3. Define organizational roles and responsibilities 
      4. Establish the SOA lifecycle process and policies 
      5. Adjust your software development lifecycle for SOA 
      6. Define SOA foundational standards 
      7. Define run-time processes 
      8. Determine the role of technology in your governance processes 
      9. Establish SOA measurements and monitoring techniques 
      10. Evolve and improve SOA governance over time 

      I will present a pragmatic approach to SOA governance to help you: 

      • Understand SOA Governance best practices 
      • Identify gaps in your SOA Governance processes 
      • Define next steps to improve SOA Governance >>

      You can find this blog at:



      Álvaro Vilaplana García
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